Became known the cost of a tourist flight into space on the ship from Blue Origin

Стала известна стоимость туристического полета в космос на корабле от Blue Origin

Became known the cost of a tourist flight into space on the ship from Blue Origin
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Photo: reuters

The first passengers will probably become employees of the company.

The cost of a tourist flight into space aboard the New Shepard from the company Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos will start from 200 – 300 thousand dollars. This was reported by Reuters with reference to sources in the company.

In June, representatives of Blue Origin said that test flights should take place in a short time, and the sale of tickets will begin in 2019. The first passengers of the ship will be the employees of the company.

It is noted that each flight into orbit will cost $ 10 million. So Blue Origin is suffering losses.

While Blue Origin has conducted eight test flights of the New Shepard, which successfully made a vertical landing and take-off vehicle from the launch pad in Texas. However, none of these flights were not with passengers, but only with a dummy.


New Shepard reusable spaceship and the rocket for suborbital flights. It is a manned capsule designed for Autonomous flight of six passengers to an altitude of 100 km above the Earth — in a suborbital space high enough so the space tourist has experienced several minutes of weightlessness and could see the outline of the planet. At this altitude, located the line of the Pocket, which is considered a conventional boundary between atmosphere and outer space.


At the Baikonur cosmodrome banned the use of social networks

Such order was signed by the Director of the spaceport Eugene Rakowski. It comes as work and personal devices. Such measures were introduced to prevent information leaks.


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