Became known the exact coordinates of the falling Chinese space station “Tiangong-1” – expert

The American scientist said that the exact coordinates of the falling Chinese space station, which is out of control in 2016 and falls to the Ground.

Стали відомі точні координати падіння китайської космічної станції "Тяньгун-1" – експерт

In the face of the Blue planet, “Tiangong-1” will cause an explosion. In addition, the station module weighing 8.5 tons has on Board dangerous liquid hydrazine contained in rocket fuel, and cause chemical contamination of the crash site, reports Rus.Media.

Jonathan McDowell, an American astrophysicist, has calculated the exact coordinates of the falling space station. The scientist got the data using the calculations of the mathematical model. Specialist expects that the module will collide with our planet between 43 degrees North and 43 degrees South latitude. Many countries that are in the area, will be at the epicenter of the disaster. From the fragments affected Mexico, South America, Africa and the middle East and South-East Asia and Australia.

McDowell argues that the day of the “Tiangong-1” “loses” in height by four kilometers. To collapse the module will start at a height of 70 kilometers.

Drop station forecast for the period from 30 March to 6 April.

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