Became vdome napolitanke prpvide in Ukraine

Стало відоме найпоширеніше прізвище в Україні

In Ukraine napolitanke prcvide – Miller

Napolitanke prpvide in Ukraine – Miller. Yogo not often prozhivayut on zahod Ukraine. At a time Melnikov – hope 174 thousands.

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On tretau f roztashuvannya prpvide Boyko.

Linguisti z asuvale takozh, scho napolitanke prpvide have Polish – Novak, from Low – Muller, in Tal – Ross have Franz – Martin and Englandiï – SMT.

As previously reported, scho mill 1 quinia 2019 rock chiseling of the population of Ukraine put she her accounting period by 42.08 million osib.

Have a view from the past year savcova vddlo demographic process demographe policy Institute demograp the social dozen after mV ptukha National Academ of Sciences of Ukraine Irina Kurilo said, that until 2050 the population of Ukraine rock prognoses on RWN 38.7 and 38.8 million osib.

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