Because of the fine of the European Commission threatens Google to make Android pay

Google has warned that the European Commission’s decision to fine Google for 4.3 billion euros threatens free distribution model Android.

Из-за штрафа Еврокомиссии Google грозится сделать Android платным‍

This publication reports The Verge.

CEO of Google Sundar Pichai said that the ban of the European Commission to be installed on phones running its operating system their applications break the Android ecosystem. This can lead to a change in the business model of free distribution Android.

“While the business model of Android is not assumed a tightly controlled distribution model and do not require us to charge manufacturers a fee for the use of our technology. If smartphone manufacturers and mobile operators will not be able to install our software on your device, it will upset the balance of the ecosystem of Android,” said Pichai.

It is worth noting that the EU decision is not prohibition to install Google apps in General, but only to do it in such a way that users had the freedom of choice.

In particular, the Commission considers an obstacle of free competition, the difficulty of downloading apps from other places besides Google’s PlayMarket and a number of default apps that cannot be removed without rooting.

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