Because of the strange behavior at the concert the fans suspect Beyonce is pregnant

Из-за странного поведения на концерте фанаты заподозрили Бейонсе в беременности

A video in which a popular singer in dance, make strange movements that appeared in her Twitter account and became viral in just a day.

For several weeks now in the Network there are rumors about a new Beyonce’s pregnancy. Fresh photo celebrities fans every time you catch hints of the rounded belly, and the media are wondering whether the star child or just recovered. At the same time, Beyonce herself shared in his Twitter account a video of the concert that she does the same movement, which once reported pregnant with twins, and from the attention of the fans it did not cover. Because of this strange behavior fans finally convinced his suspicions.

Some fans, noting that beyoncé doesn’t like to tell the public about his personal life and doesn’t even show a photo of the children, suspected her pregnancy, and trolling. According to them, star, viewing recent nvosti, just decided to play a trick, especially since recently she published a photo with alcohol.


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