Because of the treachery of the Americans, the Kurds can pass on their secrets of Russia

Из-за предательства американцев курды могут передать их секреты России

The soldiers of the American special operations Forces with the Kurdish stripes in Northern Syria. May 2016. Source: Military TimesSpecializing in military issues of the American edition of the Military Times reported that Patagoni seriously concerned about the prospect that the Kurds will change their loyalty from the Americans to the Russians and the Syrian government. As a result of this political somersault (as in Soviet times, the revolutionary and the Kurdish rebel organization had close ties with Moscow) all the secrets of force in Syria, U.S. special operations Forces (SDF) will be taken by “competent” Kurds in Russian hands.

Units and instructors of the special operations Forces of the United States, as well as a special CIA agents were present in the Kurdish areas of Northern Syria since at least 2012. After raising the banned “Islamic state” in 2014, the Americans worked closely with the Kurds in the fight against the forces of the Islamists across the region.

From 2015, and until recently, the instructors of the special operations Forces the US trained military personnel of the enterprises so-called “Syrian democratic forces” (SDF), the core of which is the Kurdish military police from the people’s protection Units (Yekîneyên Parastina Gel, YPG). At the end of may 2016 education all of these units were engaged in about 200 U.S. military trainers, mostly specialized in guerrilla and counterinsurgency war.Until recently, the military structure of the SDF and YPG in Northern Syria has financed, trained and armed the United States almost exclusively through divisions of special operations Forces. 13 January 2018, it became known about the preparation of Americans on the basis of “Syrian democratic forces,” the border security force (BSF) occupied by Kurdish territories in Syria. In particular, it was planned the deployment of these specially trained American CCO “guards” on the border with Turkey.

Special operations forces, the U.S. also was behind the creation in 2014 of the Kurdish special forces — the so-called “anti-terrorist units”, known in Kurdish as Yekîneyên Antî Teror. These units were trained by the Americans to conduct special methods covert military operations against sleeper cells of ISIS.

Now because of the order of Donald trump on the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Northern Syria because of the outbreak of the Turkish military intervention was followed by the breakup of the Kurds and the United States. Due to security concerns, the Syrian Kurds will be forced to somehow change its foreign policy orientation and relations with the Central government of Syria.

“They can be enforced. I don’t think they’ll like but they can in survival mode to make deals with bad actors,” — said in an interview with a former representative of the Pentagon.For this reason, the U.S. defense Department is now concerned that the Kurdish leadership of the SDF to the payment of the new loyalty will give the Russians a long list of American military secrets related to the “tactics, techniques, procedures, equipment, intelligence gathering by U.S. special forces”, and even known the names of American operatives operating in the Middle East region.

The Pentagon called this scenario a “super problem” and see it as a clear sign of lack of long-term American strategy in the Middle East region.

“We must ask ourselves the question: should we allocate power to work with the forces of partner countries without a real functional strategy in the region?”, said one representative of intelligence. “No real national strategy for the region, we will continue to fight such problems as a change of loyalty and disclosure of our special operations Forces and conventional forces for compromise with our closest opponents,” he added.The former head of reconnaissance of SSS in Afghanistan retired major of the US Marine corps Fred Galvin said the Military Times that special operations Forces is “essential” to protect personal information, as well as tactics, techniques and procedures used on the battlefield.

“The results of this information exposes SSO at great risk, and deprives them of attention to the mission, if soldiers know that the enemy can zero in on their families at home,” said Galvin.From time to time of American special forces can operate with partner forces under fictitious names, but only to a certain limit.

Special operations forces the United States is usually little to talk about themselves or about their capabilities when dealing with their non-American partners. However, the situation in Northern Syria the Kurds were forced to become different because of the peculiarities of indirect American war against ISIS. Because of the peculiarities and duration of the military campaign against ISIS, the Kurds took control of the information “about certain persons operating procedures or response times caused by aircraft SSO”. Now because of the “betrayal” of Americans by the Kurds without any internal vibrations to pass this interesting information to enemies of the United States.

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