Because of this popular delicacy, you can lose hair and teeth

Из-за этого популярного лакомства можно лишиться волос и зубов

Ice cream is the most popular summer delicacy. In the heat people buy it constantly to cool off, ignoring other products. But is it safe this food?

Dietician Svetlana FUS said, many people believe that it is better in the heat to drink water and eat ice cream as lunch or dinner skip. Especially that sweet choke the appetite, and to eat hearty in the heat is not very desirable. But this dietary habit you can deprive yourself of many beneficial micronutrients.

If your body will experience a shortage of necessary substances and excess sugar and refined fats, you can expect serious consequences. You will have brittle nails, caries in teeth, you will start to lose hair, says the doctor.

The nutritionist also advised fully fed and to diversify the diet. Even in the heat to find food that has the right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The ice cream is worth in strictly limited mode. This is especially true of children, youth and the elderly.


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