Because tree! The second such is not present!

Compassionate locals taught him how to lift the toilet seat and to flush a toilet the water.

Писающе дерево! Другого такого немає!

Scary to think that you never would have known about the village Dinosa in the South-West of Montenegro, if not her national pride is a unique tree, which otherwise called as pee, the hand does not rise! Too naturalistic gushing from him flow life-giving water, reports Rus.Media.

Breed plants mulberry (mulberry), and according to the selected method of administration of natural needs, we have a male.

The point here is abundant precipitations: they cause the rise of groundwater, which under pressure are emitted to the outside, a hollow stem acts as a dumb blood vessels.

According to local residents, the tree 100, and then 150, before him this was not found, only the last 20-25 years. Although no other signature landmarks and legends in the village there, the peasants philosophically believe that it is a natural phenomenon!

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