Becomes a victim of powerful forces: Prince Harry is concerned about the state of Meghan Markle

Становится жертвой могучих сил: принц Гарри обеспокоен состоянием Меган Маркл

Prince Harry worried about the status of Meghan Markle, who recently filed a lawsuit against a popular British tabloid. According to him, Duchess of Sussex does not withstand the onslaught from the public and very worried.

“I lost my mother and now I watch as my wife becomes a victim of the very powerful forces,” – commented on Prince Harry.

According to wife Megan Markle, a ruthless campaign that began during the pregnancy of his wife, still continue. Journalists deliberately excised from the text letters some phrases and words in order to distort its content and to spoil the life of the former actress.

We are talking about the article, which was published excerpts from a letter from Megan to her father Thomas Markle. In it the Duchess asked me to stop cause her pain with the help of the press.

Meanwhile, lawyers Meghan Markle filed a claim for misuse of private information and infringement of copyright and the law on protection of personal data. But a spokesman for the Mail on Sunday claim that publication considers your article such that it complies with all standards and will strongly defend itself in court.

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