Been 2020 in preparation

Été 2020 en préparation

Since time immemorial, all the summers in Montreal, will open the festival of the orange cone. Well, the only one that has not been cancelled because of a pandemic. Among us, the orange cones grow in any season and in June, the flower of the orange cone blooms at leisure.

To add to our happiness, there will still be more streets closed to car traffic. These are the traders who are ecstatic, the ones who already have some weeks of forced closure of the top disappointments of the COVID-19.

The town hall we also have beautiful corridors health, which a number of people contrefoutent believing that the COVID not to kill that old or even that it is spread by Bill Gates, who wants us to inject his vaccine chip under the skin.

The few pedestrians who venture out into have the pleasure to do go for it, not the cyclists, who sometimes take to the bike trails.

No festival or popular event, the summer of 2020 in Montreal is not going to be of the most folichons.

Well, this is up to now the borders with the United States remain closed, the american tourist will not breathe in the dust of our streets full of potholes. We will not be dipping the toe in the icy ocean of “Gougounequit” and gorging on lobster in Maine.

The fact remains that Montrealers have the thirst for beauty, of nature, of space. See you at Quebec, the îles de la Madeleine, Saguenay–Lac-St-Jean, Charlevoix.

It is more radical that they are to leave the metropolis for good.

This means that the estate agents would be swamped with applications from home outside of the city.

For those who would have liked to fly away to other skies, travel abroad remains a source of worry.

We still have what the brits have called the Staycation. The holidays to “stay home”.

It was not quite a view, first, the house?

And if like me, you’re stuck in work which have been delayed because of the COVID…

Ah, the smell of plaster! The sweet sound of saw and hammer… Especially for only one year, our immediate neighbour is rebuilding his house. And the warm voice of the workers woke us up every morning before 7 o’clock in harmony with the mass that enters in the walls, and the crowbar that tears the walls. That’s happiness!

I don’t know why, I feel an apprehension singular to this summer of 2020…

And to top it all, not the slightest turning or theatre on the horizon.

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