Beer, wine, vodka. How long after the holiday you can get behind the wheel?

Meeting friends, family gatherings and corporate parties hard to celebrate without drinking alcohol. But if the meeting came on the car? It will have to stay until the driver is completely sober. But sometimes it’s easier to wait, when the alcohol will complete its action.

Пиво, вино, горілка. Через який час після свята можна сідати за кермо?

Meeting friends, family gatherings and corporate parties hard to celebrate without drinking alcohol. But if the meeting came on the car? It will have to stay until the driver is completely sober. But sometimes it’s easier to wait, when the alcohol will complete its action.

The experiment involved three employees

Two men of medium build we were asked to drink vodka (350 g) and beer (1.5 liter).

The girl offered a bottle of dry red wine from Italy (750 ml) – approximately and distributed alcoholic addiction among the majority.

Alcohol level was measured a calibrated analyzer of ethanol vapor in the breath Alcotest 6810 – simply put, the breathalyzer, the professional, is the fact that the traffic police check drivers.

All pyuschih we checked before the experiment : the device showed a 0,0, which means that all sober!

Our tester was used to measure alcohol in mg / l (a measure of how much alcohol is in a liter of exhaled air). In this mode of working police gauges . But for the convenience of readers, we have translated all the numbers in the usual proml (to make it easy, because 1 Proms in the blood corresponds to approximately 0.45 mg / l in exhaled air).

Online you can find a huge number of the calculation output of all kinds of alcohol from the body and even rough tables on which it is proposed to determine when you can get behind the wheel. To not rely on it! Our experiment completely refuted such calculations, although we specifically selected the average of the test subjects.


Male, 35 years old, weight 74 kg, height 178 cm
Beer of 5.4 %, 1,5 l

Immediately after the first glass of beer breathalyzer counted 0,62 Proms is even more than a journalist, drank wine, although it was two times stronger than beer!

The result after the second glass of 0.71 Proms, but after the third again of 0.62 ppm. As explained to us the drug treatment, such a figure – the result of the fact that beer very quickly starts to be excreted from the blood. With the same parameters (if you drink one and the same person), it will erode faster wine and vodka.

An hour later on the device was the figure with which it is in Italy, a man would be allowed behind the wheel of 0.48 ppm. Completely weathered from the blood of 1.5 liters of beer in 8 hours. This means that, after drinking in the evening with friends after work in the morning, our correspondent could go to work driving!

Drinking 1.5 liters of beer of 0.62 ppm
After 1 hour of 0.48 ppm
After 3 hours of 0.31 ppm
After 5 hours, 0.2 ppm
8 hours 0 ppm


Woman, 34 years old, weight 65 kg, height 178 cm
Dry red wine alcohol level of 12 %, 750 ml

After the first glass is already of 0.48 ppm!

To drive, although many argue that in Europe, all lead by drinking a glass of wine with dinner. Indeed, in Belgium, Germany, Italy and other countries 0.5 ppm is acceptable. But not with us! After the second glass, the device has already been shown to 0.68 ppm. When the bottle was safely empty, on the panel lit up the figure equal to 1.15 ppm. This result suggests that the man is drunk, he’s disturbed reactions, coordination of movements. Completely sober, our journalist was only 12 hours after the celebration. In the table you can see the dynamics of withdrawal of alcohol. So, after drinking the night before, the girl would need in the morning to go to work by metro.

Drunk a bottle of wine to 1.15 ppm
After 1 hour at 1.35 ppm
After 3 hours of 0.75 ppm
After 5 hours 0.6 ppm
8 hours 0.2 ppm
12 hours 0 ppm


Male, 36 years old, weight 86 kg, height 176 cm
Vodka 40 %, 350 ml

After the first glass of vodka on a breathalyzer 0.8 ppm. But after the second was only 0.2 ppm. “Strong alcohol first reacts in the stomach and then absorbed into the blood,” commented our discovery psychiatrist. But after the third glass, when the hero of our experiment drank a total of 350 grams of vodka, a device count of 2.75 ppm!

Spirits were deduced from the body of our journalist as well as wine from the body of the girl. Within 4 hours remained at 1.1 ppm, and after 8 hours is 0.6. 12 hours later the journalist was sober.

Consumed 350 grams of vodka 2,75 ppm
After 1 hour of 2.75 ppm
After 4 hours 1,1 ppm
8:00 0.6 ppm
12 hours 0 ppm

Victor Travin, the President of Board of legal protection of automobile owners:

– I am critical tables to sober up. Even in one and the same person drinking the same amount of alcohol under the same snack in each day, the process of breakdown products of alcohol from the body can take different times. It is obvious that people with unique organisms and metabolism in this process will require very different number of hours. Unfortunately, in our country the law for the wheel can take only a man fully confident in the absence of alcohol in the blood. But to calculate it with the help of the General formulas – impossible task. I would advise to motorists who often use strong drinks, to buy expensive high-quality breathalyzers and to move only after checking on it.

Vladimir Necessary, Professor, MD :

– The speed of alcohol elimination from the body depends on the sex of the person, his weight, amount of food eaten before food and individual metabolism. In this experiment, people that drink vodka turned sober quickly. This is possible if in this day people didn’t have lunch. In this case, the stomach is empty the alcohol in it is not stagnant, passes into the intestine, absorbed into blood and rapidly eliminated. That is, once a person gets drunk fast and sober up. If the stomach is full, the alcohol remains in it with food until it is digested, the person may not get drunk quickly, but it lasts longer.

Keep in mind:

The appliance analyzes traffic police breath of air, not blood! It’s not the same indicator. It happens that in the air, the alcohol is determined, and in the blood it is not. If you take the vodka in his mouth and spit it out, breath alcohol would be another 20 minutes. If you drink alcohol-containing medicines (Valerian, Corvalol), the breathalyzer test will show alcohol in the breath, although in the blood it is not – the alcohol will oxidize in the stomach and in the blood will not fall.

A tolerance of 0.2-0.3 ppm is necessary not in order that man could drink while driving, and to avoid instrument error and errors associated with metabolism in people with abnormally high levels of endogenous alcohol.