Before Miss France, the Puy du Fou accused of animal abuse by former employees

    Before Miss France, the Puy du Fou accused of animal abuse by former employees

    Violence on tigers, horses, oxen, a fallow deer eaten in barbecue … Four former employees accuse the Puy de Fou of mistreatment of animals in a documentary by Hugo Clément.

    A few days before the election of Miss France 2020 in its enclosure, here are accusations that the Puy du Fou would have gone well. Four former employees of the famous park located in Vendée revealed facts of violence against animals in a report “On the front” by Hugo Clément. Anonymously, they took turns describing the abuse they say they witnessed. One recounted how an escaped fallow deer was caught, shot, cut up before being eaten on a barbecue while another recounted a traumatic episode where he had to strangle a sick sheep himself because the superior told him that calling a vet to euthanize him was too expensive. Another accusation concerns the use of anesthetic on dromedaries to “keep them calm in front of the public”.

    Nicolas de Villiers, the president of Puy du Fou interviewed in the documentary, admitted that this method had been used until 2008 in agreement with veterinarians in order to “reduce the stress of animals” and that it was not “Of a drug”. He also conceded that violence on horses, denounced by a witness in a sequence, had existed. “There are people who are violent and who behave violently with animals,” he said, referring to “casting errors” in recruiting, but that the last person fired from the park for this reason went up to 2014. “Since that does not exist,” he said, contradicting the testimony of the former employee.

    Cats fed to hawks

    However, Philippe de Villiers’ son did not hide his surprise when he learned that cats – some of which were domesticated – inadvertently locked in nutria traps were released to serve as bait for raptors in the park to be hunted and then devoured. by birds. “I can not imagine that this accusation is founded”, he reacted, explaining that these coypu traps are raised by an outside company of which he has not been in charge for years. He also denied the use of electric and studded batons to train oxen and firing air pistols at tigers to move them forward.

    At the end of the documentary, Hugo Clément unveiled a letter from Nicolas de Villiers in which he refuses to respond to other accusations brought against the Puy du Fou, for not “participating in an enterprise which only aims to throw ‘opprobrium on all our work. “

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