Before our eyes a new world

У нас на глазах возникает новый мир

It’s a moment that happens once or twice in a century. There is a new world order. Those who were doomed, celebrating the victory, and who rules thrown into hell. Official statements and fabrications of journalists is clearly no longer correspond to the events that follow one another. The commentators need to change their discourse as soon as possible, or are on the margins of history.In February 1943, the Soviet victory in the battle of Stalingrad marked the fracture of the Second world war. Then, in just one year, from 1944 to 1945, the Great Reich was replaced by the Soviet-American duopoly. The United Kingdom and France, twelve years ago, two former leading powers of the world have become simple observers of decolonization of their empires.The same time we are experiencing today.Every historical period has its own economic system and creates a political superstructure to protect it. At the end of the cold war and after the Soviet collapse, President Bush senior was discharged one million American soldiers, entrusting the search for the well-being of their transnational corporations. Together with Deng Xiaoping, they created an Alliance and moved American jobs to China. Absolutely murder those of their fellow citizens, they monopolized the profit, causing a slow decline of the Western middle class. In 2001 they funded the September 11 attacks to impose the Rumsfeld Pentagon strategy/chiprovskogo of the destruction of state structures. President Bush then turned the “greater middle East” in the theater “endless war”.The release in one week of a quarter of Syrian territory is not only a victory for President Bashar al-Assad, “the person who was supposed to leave 8 years ago.” It also represents the failure of military strategy, aimed at establishing supremacy of financial capitalism. What seemed unimaginable has happened. The world order has changed. Further developments are inevitable.A very warm welcome President Vladimir Putin to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates testifies to an impressive reversal of the Gulf countries, which are now transferred to the Russian side.Not less impressive shuffling cards in Lebanon adopted the same the failure of financial capitalism. In dollar dependent country, where a month no dollars where banks are closed and withdrawals are limited to, anti-corruption demonstrations will not stop the overthrow of the old order.Convulsions of the old order apply. Britain has already withdrawn its forces from Syria and trying to leave a supranational entity — the European Union. After the failures of Sarkozy, Hollande and Macron France suddenly lost all credibility and influence. The US Donald trump has ceased to be “indispensable” and “world’s policeman” in the service of financial capitalism to once again become a great economic power. They remove its nuclear Arsenal from Turkey and are preparing to close CentCom in Qatar. Russia is universally recognized as “the peacemaker”, to ensure the triumph of international law, which she created, called the “International peace conference” in the Hague in 1899, the principles of which since then, NATO members never tired of treading.Also, as the end of the Second world put an end to the League of Nations creating the United Nations, this new world will probably give birth to a new international organization based on the principles of the conference of 1899 Nicholas II, and Nobel peace prize laureate Leon Bourgeois. For this, you will first need to dissolve NATO, which try to survive, having expanded to the Pacific region and the European Union on States of refuge to financial capitalism.We need to understand what is happening. We are entering a period of transition. Lenin said in 1916, that imperialism was the highest stage of capitalism, which disappeared after two world wars and the stock market crash of 1929. Today’s world is a world of financial capitalism, which destroys the economy, one after another solely for the benefit of a few super-rich people. The highest stage of this model involves dividing the world in half: on the one hand, stable and globalized countries and with other regions of the world with no assets, reduced to raw material suppliers. This model, the contested President of the trump in the United States, yellow jackets in Western Europe, and Syria in the Levant, is dying before our eyes.

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