Before the release of the bendable iPhone for many more years

The next stage in the development of the telephone industry – the output of a bendable smartphone. According to The Korea Times, before the release of this iPhone many, many years.

До выхода гнущегося iPhone еще много лет

Everyone already knows that Apple is developing a bendable gadget – talking about him, already copying, but he himself appears certainly not before 2020-2021 years, perhaps even later.

This information was revealed to The Korea Times, a source in Asia that is associated with the industry.

This means that, as with the release of smart watches, IT giant can overtake its main competitor is Samsung with its Galaxy X. foldingДо выхода гнущегося iPhone еще много летthe Korean company somehow managed to invent such a gadget, its appearance is expected in the first half of 2018.До выхода гнущегося iPhone еще много лет

But Apple is rarely in a hurry: as a rule, it is slowly but surely developing a revolutionary high-quality gadget that due to killing all your opponents.

So it was with the Apple Watch smartwatch is now practically no competitors, though they appeared later.До выхода гнущегося iPhone еще много летSamsung Galaxy X also may fail to gain popularity because of their prices – it is expected to be prohibitively large.

A bendable screen

Apparently, Samsung has already prepared its bendable screen, but Apple is unlikely to use the technology of this company.

It is assumed that the main supplier of IT-signata will soon be LG – the company is already actively engaged in the development of foldable displays.

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