Before the summit in France Ukrainian “wishlist” is growing like a snowball

Накануне саммита во Франции украинские «хотелки» растут как снежный ком

According to experts in the field of psychology, there are five key psychological stages of acceptance of the inevitable. Behavior of Ukraine to maintain the Russian gas transit clearly confirms the validity of their words.

First — denial — Kiev was held around the beginning of the current year, stating that Moscow is using him I will not refuse never physically. No, because this can not happen ever.

Later, from about the beginning of the summer, Ukraine has moved to the second stage — anger. Almost all official and unofficial persons, spluttering, told how cruelly and inevitably they’re going to punish Moscow, and how much Russia will have to pay, “if she only dare”. And even just in General to pay in any case.

Now it is the turn of the third stage — bargaining. No, Kiev fatal emerging perspective still does not accept. But about the inevitability of inevitability is already beginning to guess. As a result, the next round of the intergovernmental negotiations, “Naftogaz” has changed position.

Now Ukraine has already agreed to allow the conclusion of short-term, just for a year, not 10 years as before the agreement, but only subject to the key (!) conditions. Transit gas to Europe will go for the money (though the source is not mentioned — what, old or new, 1.5−4 times higher rates), but only in case, if Kiev will be able to take from Russia the right gas for free.

No, not so very free. Gazprom needs to agree on gas supplies for the needs of Ukraine to repay her in front of her of a “my debt” to $ 2.6 billion, according to the decision of the Stockholm arbitration.

It seems that the hint “about the need for gaining sanity” in Kiev, only heard, but sense did not understand. However, psychology is already working. For six months the Ukrainian authorities have reached the third phase. Will be interesting to see whether they have time to get to the finals for the remaining until 31 December 2019 time.

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