Before the switch-off of analogue TV in the Sverdlovsk region remained for two weeks

PHOTO : / Nicholas kostyushin


Analog TV signal in the Sverdlovsk region were broadcast less than two weeks. It will disconnect on June 3, from this day the region will fully switch to digital broadcasting, transmits television channel “MIR 24”.

In Ekaterinburg many subscribers have received a TV signal via the cable and was able to appreciate the high quality. 20 TV channels, including “PEACE” on the 18th the button – absolutely free. Plus three radio stations. More than 1200 volunteers help to connect and configure digital set-top box.

“I urge not to wait for the 3rd number, but right now to prepare for this event and to purchase necessary equipment. Believe me, it is quite budget segment and does not require large investments to our viewers. And, I emphasize, all of our channels absolutely free,” – said Sergey Pavlov, the Director of the local branch of the Russian television and radio broadcasting networks.

Today, digital broadcasting has already crossed 50 million Russians from 28 regions of the country. It is expected that the digitization process will be completed in mid-October.