Behaviors “hate”: Twitch and Reddit are attacking Trump and his supporters

Comportements «haineux»: Twitch et Reddit s'attaquent à Trump et à ses partisans

Twitch and Reddit to take action against accounts pro-Trump while the list of brands that is boycotted by the social networks because of the content so-called “hate speech” goes on, under pressure, the platforms must enforce their own rules more strictly than before.

“Attitudes of hate are not allowed on Twitch. In accordance with our rules, the chain’s president, Trump has been temporarily suspended (…) and the content complained of have been removed, ” said Monday a spokesman for Twitch, a streaming platform (mainly parts of video games).

The discussion platform Reddit, usually very permissive, has banned a forum of admirers of the american president for violating its rules on incitement to hatred.

In the wave of the movement against systemic racism in the United States, social networks are facing a renewed pressure to better police the exchanges between users and to prevent harassment, discrimination and other behaviours that are insulting.

They are especially in the crosshairs of the civil society for their laxity levied against Donald Trump.

At the end of may, the latter made comments considered as incitement to violence against the demonstrations in support of George Floyd, an African-American, was asphyxiated by a white policeman.

Twitter has hidden his message. But the refusal to intervene to Facebook has sparked an outcry against the network dominant, and indignation against destructive platforms are perceived as accomplices of the often inflammatory the voluble president.

Like anyone else

Twitch (Amazon subsidiary) has deleted two comments from Donald Trump, when he has assimilated mexican immigrants to “violators” during meetings of the campaign, in 2015, and recently, in Tulsa.

The platform, initially designed for the dissemination of parts of video games live, has gradually opened up to other “broadcasters” that can create their chain, from politicians to artists.

When the president has launched his own last year, Twitch has made to his team that ” just like anyone else, the policy must agree to our terms of use and our rules for the community. We make no exceptions for the content or policies on behalf of the public interest, ” said the company.

The boss of Facebook, is the exception, and has been widely defended until now.

But on Friday, Mark Zuckerberg has relented to the ground, promising to better regulate the advertising of hate, and hide the content issues, even political figures.

It must be said that the giant network is facing a campaign of boycott of advertising, launched notably by the NAACP, the great organization of defense of civil rights of African-Americans and an organization to fight against anti-semitism, the Anti-Defamation League.

Without necessarily lay claim to it, brands such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Unilever and Ford have decided not to touch the social media platforms for a month or two, or even more.


The decision of Reddit also proves that the networks are pushed to their limits.

“Until now we had shown a willingness to help preserve their community, with warnings, quarantines, and other” details the press release of the company regarding the prohibition of the group of admirers of the president.

This social network was founded 15 years ago, as a large forum, on the principle of the freedom of unbridled expression, without guard rails.

As the platforms dominant as Facebook or Twitter have tightened up their rules on content that is hateful, a part of the extreme american right has found itself on the platform of Reddit or 4chan.

But since about two years, Reddit has undertaken a big cleaning to get rid of the groups and users in so-called ” toxic “.

At the beginning of June, Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of the platform, and husband of tennis champion Serena Williams, has resigned from the board of directors and asked the company to hire a candidate black to replace it.

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