Behind-the-scenes of the youth theatre

Photo: Marianne Duval
With “And here’s another beautiful Sunday in the past !”, Philippe Dorin we book a room to tend a burlesque show while opening the door to the backstage of the theatre.

Two figures, hand in hand, set in a scenery of winter, greeting the crowd which applauds the end of the show. “— And 153 ! — Already ? ! — If I can afford it, today it was not the best. “The bear ue removes his hood, it was once again Joel (Da Silva) who does not hesitate to criticize the performance of his / her partner, Esther (Beauchemin), who has just the time to remove his nose from a clown to defend themselves.


With And here is yet another beautiful Sunday spent !, Philippe Dorin we book a room to tend a burlesque show while opening the door to the backstage of the theatre. The spectators are then passed to the other side of the mirror, where the lights go out and the loneliness, the questions, the doubts resurface.


Links between Da Silva and Beauchemin a discussion on the theatre, its reception, on the reality of the actors, on the game, the true and the false. There are questions about the atmosphere of the play in a room, as well as the perception that each one may have a representation : that of the children who are waiting to see if the actors will stumble, that of the actor who, himself, looks to see if the critic sitting in the third row looks like it. “Who looks at the show at the bottom ?” asks Joel. “Who cares for us ? The arts Council, fortunately. “


This background existential is interspersed with moments of madness that were soon to create the hilarity in the Home Theater packed with young students. The stage exploded of Martin Boisjoly leaves room for a true visual delirium, allows the actors to occupy the space, to play with all the material available, and there are a. While the decor is unraveling little by little, Joel and Esther, artists are worried, they roll them back up, nonchalantly, the scenery, the stage manager, Colin (St-Cyr Duhamel), works to bring them back to order and remind them that everything must be disassembled.


Between the true and the false


But the game is visceral in them and it picks up easily the top. Between a few strokes of the broom, the sorting selfless objects in the boxes, the scene returns to quickly, and at the slightest pretext, a place of representation improvised. This is a rhythm tapped on a wooden crate, a song inspired by the present moment, a few steps of tap dance or a samba, anything to play, like to stretch as long as possible the heady effect of the scene. Even the manager, under the outside cold and insensitive, would like to get out of the shadow and taste the effect of the scene. What he is trying to elsewhere at the first opportunity. While he believes everyone party, he goes on waders and knows for a few minutes, his moment of glory.


The actors will play hard in this line of questioning on the essence of theatre, while letting you see to what point the latter is vital. Joel Da Silva is brimming with energy and rigour. You should see it attempt to remove his bear suit, a fight without mercy when Esther throws him that he was too fat. “I didn’t think that the characters could stick to the skin like that, “he said. Ode to the theatre, to the tenuous limit between the true and the false, this piece is off the masks, allowing the audience, young and old, to discover their way to the theatre in the theatre.

And here’s another beautiful Sunday spent !

Text of Philippe Dorin, directed by Martin Boisjoly. With Esther Beauchemin, Joel Da Silva and Colin St-Cyr Duhamel. A production of the Theatre Shop and the Théâtre de la Vieille 17. For 8-12 years. To the Home Theatre until 19 November.

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