Beijing wants to replace the head of administration of Hong Kong

Пекин хочет заменить главу администрации Гонконга

As it became known, the Financial Times, the Chinese government is preparing a plan to replace Carrie Lam as the head of administration of Hong Kong. According to the publication, in case the decision will be approved by XI Jinping, the interim head of administration will appoint by March, when the annual session of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives. This successor to the Lam will hold the post until the official end of her tenure, which will come in 2022 But guarantee that the new candidate is then pumped to a five-year term, no.
Interlocutors of the edition reported that the main contenders for the post of head of Hong Kong – the former head of the Central Bank of the special administrative region of China Norman Chan and former chief Minister of the Hong Kong government Henry Tang.
As the FT notes, the Chinese authorities want to wait for the stabilization of the situation in Hong Kong and after that make the final decision on the replacement of the head of administration. Neither the representatives Carrie Lam or the office of the state Council of China Affairs Hong Kong and Macao information has not yet commented.
In September Carrie Lam has already denied reports that she allegedly tried to submit his resignation amid engulfed Hong Kong’s mass protests. Lam had to comment on media reports about its informal statements that she would resign if she had a choice.