Beijing’s attack on democracy

Pékin attaque la démocratie

The chinese communist Party (CCP) is leading a frontal attack against the democracies. The law he will impose on Hong Kong criminalises the promotion of democracy. It violates the treaty signed with the United Kingdom.

Contrary to what china’s leaders tell it, the problems of Hong Kong do not come from the United States. They are the result of management dictatorial catastrophic, Xi Jinping. The gesture of Beijing mark the beginning of a new cold war, this time between China and democratic countries.

1. How China violates the treaty of 1997 ?

Following a well-known principle in law, it is illegal to obtain by devious means what is explicitly prohibited. According to the treaty signed by China and Britain, Hong Kong must have a large degree of autonomy in all areas except Defence and foreign Affairs. However, the CCP is preparing to introduce legislation that will make the citizens of Hong Kong to the chinese laws, among others in matters of freedom of speech, of the press and of thought. Under the pretext of the fight against the secession, terrorism, subversion, and foreign influence, it will become impossible to criticize the chinese government. This was not the will of the british government during the signing of the treaty.

2. Why is democracy that is attacked ?

Hong Kong has never been a full democracy. But the vast majority of the population of hong kong wants the establishment of a true democracy, and in particular by the election by universal suffrage of the chief of the government of Hong Kong. This development was not precluded by the treaty of 1997. The new law proposed by the PCC will stop the partisan democrats of Hong Kong to defend their ideas. They will be thrown in jail if they do. Democracy will be treated as a danger to the security of China as a whole.

3. Why is it of Beijing ?

The CCP could very well leave Hong Kong alone. As in 2003, the Hong Kong government had failed to enact a law for the more “prochinoise” of security, and that everyone was accommodated very well for this failure. In addition, the treaty of 1997 stipulates that Hong Kong will be completely subject to the laws of china in 2047. But the PCC did not want to wait. He meddled in the internal affairs of Hong Kong, in spite of the treaty. The responsibility of this intrusion is mainly to Xi Jinping.

4. Why the PCC is it now ?

The management of Xi Jinping of the crisis in Hong Kong was so bad that the democratic candidates have made their highest scores in the recent local elections. Their lead is so strong that they could take power in elections this autumn. Such a victory would have constituted a denial to all the propaganda of Xi, which seeks to make us believe that only a minority of hong Kong handled the stranger wants democracy. Conversely, the crisis of Hong Kong is a great opportunity to promote nationalism to divert attention from its poor management.

5. Do we in a new cold war ?

Yes, very probably. But democracies are not prepared to fight this war. They are unable to agree between themselves. Democracy, the most powerful becoming day by day more and more dysfunctional. Inside the camp democratic, it is even admirers of dictatorships. The new cold war will be maybe an occasion for democracies to find a certain unit and have a common goal.

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