“Being coached by Thierry Henry is very motivating” – Clement Bayiha

«Être entraîné par Thierry Henry est extrêmement motivant» - Clément Bayiha

The Montreal Impact had recently obtained the blessing of public health to resume training, and this is certainly not Clement Bayiha who can complain.

In an interview with Dave Morissette live on TVA Sports on Wednesday, the skilful defender has admitted that the return of the team at the Centre Nutrilait, after several weeks of confinement, had given him a lot of joy.

“It was good to find the field, the natural grass field. The finally touch on the ball was also very nice.”


Of course, this return to training is not without important sanitary measures imposed on the club of the Montreal Impact.

About this, all players must in particular wear the mask when they are not on the ground. They must also follow the famous social distancing of two meters, so often recommended during the daily press briefings of the government of Quebec.

When asked whether he felt safe in the Centre Nutrilait, Bayiha replied in the affirmative.

“Yes, totally. I do not find that these measures are cumbersome. We remove the mask when one does. You eventually get used to.”

The huge impact of Thierry Henry

When asked what has been like its confinement, it’s easy to understand why Bayiha was so eager to drive back the field.

“My confinement has been very traditional. Bike, outdoor running, and I followed the program that our strength coach had concocted for us. The race really helped me to stay in shape.”

The young defender admits that this period, where all the players had to be confined, was easier to live, thanks to the coach, Thierry Henry.

“It motivated us, told us to keep the head high. He reminded us that we were going to go through all of that.”

Quite logical, it is much easier to drink the words of someone that we carry in high esteem. And Bayiha, precisely, meets its pilot, at the highest point.

“When I heard that Thierry Henry was going to be our coach, I immediately looked at loads of videos of him in action! When I was in France, Thierry was really perceived as a legend. His intelligence of the game is phenomenal. Be led by him is very motivating.”

When is the recovery?

If he has no idea of time when regular activities will resume in the Major League Soccer (MLS), Bayiha admit that all the players look forward to seeing the action in the game.

“Everyone is excited to resume as before. However, it is necessary that everything is done in the best provisions to ensure the safety of all. I’m not too worried about it.”

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