Belarus and Polish interest

Gazeta Wyborcza is triumphant: “the rise of the Soviet Union from the dead did not take place!”

Белоруссия и польский интерес

7 December in Sochi hosted a meeting between V. Putin and A. Lukashenko. The negotiations were difficult – the process of integration of the Union state Treaty which was signed 20 years ago, was delayed, and the reaction force of integration has significantly increased.

For the Sochi rendezvous watched closely not only in Minsk and in Moscow but also in Warsaw, and there particularly closely. After all, if somewhere in the Republic of Belarus see the former Byelorussian SSR, the poles to Belarus is an Eastern kresy of Rzeczpospolita.

In London at the NATO summit (3-4 December) is the President of Poland asked the question: does the integration of Belarus and Russia a threat to NATO? Answering, Andrzej Duda announced Russian-Belarusian integration “problem.” They say, “one state begins to behave aggressively toward the other and begins to force another state to any action or assignment.”

Белоруссия и польский интерес

Andrzej Duda at the NATO summit in London. Photo:

At the London summit was attended by the Minister of defence of Poland Mariusz Blashak. It is also asked how he assesses the integration of Russia and Belarus and, in particular, the proposed combination of border services. Blashak called it “bad news” and said that Poland is ready “to respond in an emergency”.

After the meeting, Putin and Lukashenko of Polish officials were also made by Paul Solokh, head of the national security Bureau. This praised Minsk for participation in the events dedicated to the 450th anniversary of the Lublin Union, saying that Belarus recognizes “community of fate” with Poland.

If officials in Warsaw expressed about relations of Moscow and Minsk briefly and more or less accurately, the media discussed the meeting of Putin and Lukshenko long and tasteful, calling it a failure. Gazeta Wyborcza said solemnly: “the rise of the Soviet Union from the dead did not take place!”

Белоруссия и польский интерес

The meeting of Putin and Lukashenko in Sochi the Polish media declared a failure. Photo:

Especially corrosive Polish media discussed and continue to discuss the question of the establishment of the joint government and Parliament of the Union state. The journalists did not really know. Some write that the “process went”, others not so sure, and others hint at the emergence of the Russian-Belarusian Council of Ministers in the near future. But the unanimous approval of the media called the words of the chief of the defense staff of the Republic of Belarus (former) Oleg Belokonev. The General told the correspondent of the website “Nasha Niva” about the readiness of Belarus to hold joint NATO military exercises.

And even in December the days are not find it was the Polish media that are not talked about protests in Minsk against the Russian-Belarusian integration.

The scenes on TV and numerous publications – only part of the broader propaganda campaign against deep integration of Russia and Belarus. Afraid of the threat of “absorption” of Belarus by Russia. Polish radio has turned into a platform for opponents of the Russian-Belarusian Union; on its website published the letter stradajosie the fact that the Russian army will be 600 kilometers closer to the European capitals. The letter – signing former Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Byelorussian SSR Stanislav Shushkevich, Chairman of the BNR Rada in exile Ivonka Survila and other.

More “Polish radio” loves conversations with the “experts” on the topic of Russian-Belarusian integration. The logic of “experts” invited to the Polish radio, one: Russia will reduce the sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus to a minimum, and then the Kremlin will deal with the restoration of the USSR and the Russian Empire…

Rzeczpospolita, responsive to every bit of news from Minsk, which speaks of “the withdrawal from Moscow”, published on 11 December an article about the possible agreement between Belarus and the United States on military cooperation.

A special place in the anti-Russian propaganda is the TV channel “Belsat”, which is part of the state television of the Commonwealth and is broadcasting in Belarusian audience. In mid-summer 2019 published data of the sociological research according to which “Belsat” looks 13% of the adult population of Belarus.

The Creator of “Charter’97” and organizer of the movement “Fresh wind” Vladimir Mackiewicz recently talked to the air of “Belsat” about whether the army RB to fight for “independence” and to shoot the Russian.

Белоруссия и польский интерес

Uladzimir Matskevich. Photo:

A few days later the development of the same plot was supported by people arriving from Moscow, is a former activist of the Union of right forces and a member of the public Council of the Russian Jewish Congress Leonid Gozman. In an interview with Belsat. EU he gave the Belarusians advice: “If you shoot, Putin will not go to the annexation.”

A recent “Belsat” staged propaganda flashmob journalist from Hrodna Darya Nechai, in which four-year-old daughter of this lady asks “Tsar Putin not to touch our Belarus”…

The struggle against the transformation of Union state Russian Federation and Belarus Republic from a paper design to reality is coming to the crucial point. Sergey Papenko

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