“Belarus remembers”: a Patriotic rally United people across the country

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Sergei Gapon


“Belarus remembers. Remember everyone.” Patriotic event with the same name brought together millions of people across the country, transmits television channel “MIR 24”.

This year, the Republic celebrates the 75th anniversary of the country’s liberation from Nazi invaders. In all regions there are activities and Patriotic action. The main celebration will be held on Wednesday, the Day of independence. But the flowers to monuments and memorials, the mass graves are now. The action was attended by schoolchildren, students, public figures, politicians, athletes and artists.

“I came here when my children were very young. Came here with the children of my children. Always put flowers here. I was asked Anatole the younger, “what’s that?”. They still do not understand. It’s in memory, it is close to us. As we explain, so this memory will remain, and they will tell their children. We will always be proud that we have such a country. We will do everything to have lived here happily all generations of Belarusians,” – said people’s artist of Belarus Anatoly Yarmolenko.

Before you hold a commemorative event, all the monuments, memorials and the surrounding area landscaped. Volunteers volunteers put in order the mass graves, graves and obelisks.