Belarus suka in Ukraine of zapasniy the airport to export their serv

Білорусь шукає в Україні запасний аеродром для експорту своїх сирів

Belarus suka Novi markets agricultural art for zbutu so molochno products, after shares in the country nastupa big crisis due to the situation in Russia. Ukrainian market of acres vdova zapytam Belarus.

About TSE saying the head Splce Molochnik pdprimstvo of Ukraine Vadim Chagarovsky.

“Belarus suka Novi markets agricultural art zbutu, analogon for podobnami, story”, – zaznaev VIN.

For Yogo words, Rosiya for p’yat rokiv more than have putora times zbrisala virobnictvo serv I siRNA products and, Skurativsky mport. If tak Tempe serialise th Nadal, then belaruskim siram there will not MSSA, explaining expert.

“I zastera, not dwellers of provoditi at a time of peramivir iz Belorossy, – nagolovu Vadim Chagarovsky. – And the stench of lead – dwellers vgcreate belaruskim malacopteron pdprimstvo market of Ukraine”.

For Yogo words, TSE preside not only to znesennya thisname malacopteron Galus and to psychicise milk starstv. “Our milk to will not need”, – perekonnanimi VIN.

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