Belarus wants to increase the fee for the collection of plastic packaging

В Беларуси хотят увеличить плату за сбор пластиковой упаковки

In Belarus propose to increase the costs to manufacturers and suppliers for the organization of the collection of plastic packaging and utensils. It is written in the decree of the Council of Ministers, which submitted for public discussion on the National legal Internet portal. learned that going to affect possible innovation in the cost of goods in the plastic for buyers and on how much prices rise.

The developers of the document suggest to take with manufacturers and suppliers of biodegradable bags and bags for organization of collection, disposal or use of waste products and packaging 90 rubles per ton of product. For the same quantity of plastic bottles, trays and other packing containers, stoppers, lids proposes to charge 360 rubles, that is two times more.

Money from the collection will be transferred to the account of the Operator of secondary material resources. Authorities say that these funds will go entirely to improving the system of collection of plastic waste.

Any possible cost increase related legal entities and individual entrepreneurs that produce or import packaging, goods packaging and plastic tableware, and are also using the packaging and utensils in the production of goods will be compensated to them by the consumers who purchase goods in plastic packaging and plastic utensils, written in justification of the document.

“At the same time consumers have the ability to choose the same products from paper and glass in respect of which the fee has not changed”, — is spoken in justification.

That is, the resolution assumes that additional costs of production in the plastic will be borne by the buyers. We asked the manufacturer, that uses PET bottles as the increased fee will affect the cost of goods.

— If a fee for the collection, disposal and recycling of plastic packaging will increase to 360 rubles, that is 2 times, this of course will affect the cost of the final product, says the General Director of the company “Darida” Dmitry A.. One plastic bottle weighs about 35-40 grams. If today’s per ton we pay 180 rubles, now we are asked to pay 360 roubles. You can calculate how much will increase the cost of each bottle.

We figured that a ton is about 25 thousand bottles, and calculated how much extra cost will fall on each on the basis of the new value collection. That is collecting for one bottle is about 1.5 pennies to grow by half.

— The yield of the manufacturer is absolutely not limitless. Businesses in our industry are not greased. So if you increase the fee, we will be forced to raise the price of products, — says the General Director. — Russia has no such fees, and we have, while we — the common economic space. And it adds to our position in foreign markets. We have to put in the cost of our products the cost of collection. Thereby we are losing a few percent in the price of Russian producers. Plus we have more energy.

According to Dmitry A., the main volume of the container, for which there is demand in our market, is a bottle of 1.5 and 2 liters. Make them in glass is practically impossible. Therefore, to displace plastic from the market thus will not work.

Therefore, there is a tax on PET bottles. He had been taken to ensure that these funds were spent for its processing. Increase in tax should increase and the number of recyclable containers. But now no one speaks. Just raised the tax — notices the CEO. — National strategy for municipal solid waste management and secondary material resources until 2035. There just spelled out step by step abandonment of PET bottles. And there is a specific momentary decision that we need to raise taxes, and it will become 2 times more than now. What are the preconditions for it increased in 2 times, instead of, say, 5% or 50%? Gain more people who will collect or sort bottles and packages? We, as the manufacturer, this question has no answer. What is the reason for such an increase. There should be a clear economic justification.

Officials believe that the tax increase will gradually reduce the consumption of plastic packaging and switch to environmentally safe glass, paper, payment for which will not grow.

However, if you compare the price of products in glass and plastic, even with the increase collection of the first lose, they will still be much more expensive. Earlier, representatives of the Rogachev dairy plant told us that, for example, milk in a glass bottle worth 15 percent more expensive than plastic. 730 milliliters of milk in the glass will cost 1.74 ruble. 900 milliliters of milk of the same fat content of the same manufacturer, but in a plastic bottle are 1.56 ruble. That is 730 milliliters of product in the plastic would cost 1.26 ruble — 48 cents cheaper. And if the milk is the same, the difference is likely due to the packaging.

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