Belgian TV channel interviewed the national team by placing in the Studio its a hologram

Бельгийский телеканал взял интервью у полузащитника сборной, поместив в студию его голограмму

The Belgian TV channel La Une raised the standard of broadcasting, taking an interview via hologram.

July 6, after the quarterfinal match with Brazil in the Studio appeared captain Eden hazard — although actually he was in the locker room of the stadium “Kazan arena” – TJ.

From the first glance it is difficult to determine what the player was thousands of miles away from leading. Azar sits on the chair and while turning to him looking in the direction of journalists. The player only gives the earphone, which he occasionally corrects.

National team of Belgium defeated Brazil in the 1/4 final of the 2018 world Cup with the score 2:1, but in the semifinals lost to France 0:1. Now the team have to fight with the British in the match for third place.

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