Belgium: the neighbor of The French student murdered in Cork recognizes the murder

A police car belgian – Illustration — AURORE BELOT / AFP

  • Louise, a French student, was found dead on Monday in Liege, Belgium.
  • The young woman was found strangled and stabbed in her apartment.
  • His neighbor, Patrick V. has recognized the facts in front of the belgian investigators.

A 54 year old man has admitted the murder of Louise, the young French student found dead in his apartment Monday in Liege. The parquet flooring of Cork has indicated that Patrick V. was first denied the facts. But “in the face of the interrogation and the inconsistencies pointed to by the investigators, he acknowledged his gesture,” reports France Bleu, citing the public prosecutor.

The man, known to the justice for multiple rapes was still under surveillance, and carrying an electronic bracelet. He was placed under arrest for murder.

The thesis of the heinous crime quickly ruled out

The investigators rapidly discarded the thesis of the heinous crime while the apartment of the young woman of twenty years, in which his body was found, had not been excavated. Worrying about not being able to reach the young woman, one of his close friends visited with Louise on Monday, making the macabre discovery.

The young woman had been strangled and stabbed in the chest. No trace of sexual assault would not have been identified. According to the website of Sudinfo, blood was found in the apartment as well as on a garment found in a trash bag.

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Convicted for rape on two occasions

Patrick V. has been twice convicted of rape in 2004 and 2006 before being released in 2015, reports the local press. The man knew his victim, continues to Sudinfo. In 2014, he had slipped a word under the door of Louise completely naked. The student in veterinary medicine at the university of Liège had reported the incident to the police. Yet, complain to the friends of Louise, ” there had been no follow-up “.

“She had told us that, on that day, she had seen that someone slipped a word in his door. Instead of picking it up right away, she had opened the door and fell nose to nose with her neighbor, totally naked in front of her, ” says a friend of Louise. Taken on the fact, the man had returned to his apartment, located a floor above. “She immediately phoned her boyfriend Pierre Arthur, who came with a friend and they went to knock on the door of a neighbor. As it didn’t open, they went the next day to make a deposition to the police of Liège in explaining the facts. “