Bella Hadid on the haters and his always serious face

Белла Хадид о хейтерах и своем вечно серьезном лице

Face of the first summer issue of the American Harper’s Bazaar this year was Bella Hadid. At the request of the publication her sister Gigi took the model interviews, inquiring about the new attitude of the parties, favorite leisure activities, insults in social networks and not only.

Everyone thinks I’m a party girl, but a way of life in the past. Can’t wait for the weekend, just to sit on the couch! Now when you have reached certain heights in his career, I want to spend my free time not at parties, and among people who love us. On Saturday evening the last thing I want to leave the house. We’re resting playing video games, watching movies and painting pottery — it’s all done and in the childhood,— admitted the sister of 21-year-old model.


About squabbles in the social network:

I fought with myself and people in the network. When I read comments in which I was called evil, would answer: “Maybe I just had a bad day or I was crying.” People judge our lives by the pictures of the paparazzi. You know how it is awkward when you leave your house, and on the threshold you are greeted with forty people with cameras?!

On the criticism of his always serious expression:

Not a day go without a smile. And people say that I have always and everywhere the same expression. They do not understand that for a long time photographers have taught me on the team to represent the boredom and indifference. However, this does not mean that I really am.

On the sidelines of the Cannes film festival — 2018 Bella admitted to another magazine — InStyle — what a long time does not love their smile.

I never liked my smile. I believed that she curve. When I started to take the first steps in model business, the question for me was very serious. I didn’t want to smile, confessed the model.


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