Bella Hadid told about the relationship with Drake

Белла Хадид рассказала об отношениях с Дрейком

Recently 31-year-old singer Drake a album. And, it seems that one of the biggest hits — a song Finesse — the rapper dedicated to his hot feeling for Bella Hadid. Why are only clear reference in the lyrics: “if I Should go to new York? I can’t decide. After all, fashion Week — still on your side”. Or: “I am constantly thinking about you.” And completely honest: “You and your sister — too hot to keep your hands to yourself”. Many fans of the stars immediately thought about the secret affair between the two celebrities, which is actively discussed last fall.

It seems that the supermodel was seriously angry and decided to disprove the rumors. Bella left a note in Twitter: “It’s not me! It’s just disrespectful. Why can’t people understand that you can just be friends without any dirty rumors”. And left at the end of your angry and frustrated Emoji.

If the model is not disingenuous, and the song is really dedicated not to her who is in love with Drake?

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