Bella Hadid was photographed Topless for the cover of Vogue

Белла Хадид снялась топлес для обложки Vogue

After her equally successful sister Gigi, who graces the July issue of Australian Vogue, Bella Hadid became the face of the Mexican version of the magazine. For the cover and photo shoot inside the publication she posed Topless on the beach, covering the body only his hands and sand.

The author’s candid photoshoot in black and white was made by fashion photographer Chris Colls. Representatives of Vogue say that the theme issue will be female sensuality and a new release will be the beginning of an era of great freedom. In recent times global edition focusing on the role of woman in the world, great attention, but also trying to demonstrate so-called feminine powers, combined with openness and vulnerability. The editors of Vogue think that Bella Hadid is perfect for the title of role model of the modern generation.

Белла Хадид снялась топлес для обложки Vogue


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