Bellemare gives the example

Bellemare donne l’exemple

The national hockey League has put forward the importance of combating the systemic racism and social injustice in the margin of the first official matches of its tournament to raise. Pierre-Édouard Bellemare of the Colorado Avalanche, the movement Black Lives Matter, is essential to reversing these problems in the society.

In the first match preparatory to the Avalanche, the 29th of July, Bellemare and his team mate, Nazem Kadri and Jordan Greeway and Matt Dumba, the Wild of Minnesota, have formed a chain of solidarity so that each of them has put his hand on the shoulder of his opponent. A strong image that has gone around the league.

“This is something that happened quite naturally,” expressed Bellemare, who took care to remind The Newspaper to address the issue.

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Three days later, at the opening of the qualifying tournament, Dumba has delivered a strong plea to the centre of the ice before the game between the Oilers and the Blackhawks about the importance of eliminating once and for all the racism in hockey and in society in general.

He then put a knee on the ground for the interpretation of the american national anthem. And Sunday, he raised his fist in the air before the game against the Canucks.

In the course of long telephone interview he has granted before these actions peaceful, Bellemare has shown its support for Dumba, who was created in the company of six other players to the Alliance for diversity in hockey with the aim to eradicate racism and intolerance in the hockey.

“When you enter a sport, you’re supposed to be able to do this sport, no matter your skin color, your sexual orientation or your relationship. By giving good example in our sport, we can help the company to make a step in the right direction.

“[…] We have seen acts of racism in the world. For many people, this is not something huge, but it is something important for players of color in the league and this is a big step, ” said the French striker.

Education Question

Himself a victim of episodes of distressing on the ice when he was younger in Europe, Bellemare believes that the movement will remain alive and well as long as the social injustices will persist. This movement has gained momentum since the death of George Floyd, a black man, at the hands of white police officers in Minneapolis on may 25.

“There are always people who think that if you have a skin color on you, you are no good at all. As long as we have people who think like that, there will always be a movement to try to protect themselves and be united “, said the athlete 35 years of age.

If Nazem Kadri had criticised the NHL to be rather passive in this folder, it showed that the cause was important in his eyes leaving Dumba express themselves freely and through a series of messages on the ice and in the stands deserts in the past few days. The slogan #WeSkateforBlackLives has appeared a little everywhere.

Bellemare hoped that the authorities of the circuit Bettman would make this a little more. The latter completed his sixth season after passages to Philadelphia and Las Vegas.

“It gets to a point where it is greater than us and hockey. It is important that we talk about it and people to be educated. It is easy to put a message on the social networks and talk about it, but in order to eliminate the word “racism”, it is necessary that people come to educate […] “

“For the Cup, it’s worth it “

There is worse than living in isolation in a bubble in Edmonton for Pierre-Édouard Bellemare. And the worst of it was to leave his wife, his two children and their cat to undertake the long march toward its goal of lifting the Stanley Cup.

“You can find the negative in everything there is, but in the end, the most difficult thing for me has been to separate me from my family. The separation has been much more complicated because we ended up together for four months intensively, which had never happened to hockey players “, agreed the hockey player, whose children are at a young age.

Having lived the first six weeks of the pandemic in Denver, the clan Bellemare has set its sights on Vegas to enjoy the warm temperatures in the capital of the game.

The French spent quality time with his children and his wife.

Opportunity not to be missed

Does that Bellemare did not hesitate a second to sacrifice time in their company, while the Avalanche are among the teams already assured of the playoffs on a regular basis.

“[…] If it is to end with a ring and a an account on a Stanley Cup, it’s worth it 100 % [of being away from her family] “, was launched without detour one who has competed in the grand final in 2018 in the uniform of the Golden Knights.

He also brought pictures of family that he has placed well in evidence in his hotel room, as well as books.

It also expects to manage its investments when it is not inside the Rogers Place.

Pace to find

At the time of the break, the Avalanche was blowing into the neck of the Blues of St. Louis is only two points out of the top of the West, held by the defending champions.

The band Nathan MacKinnon has sent a message Sunday by beating them 2-1 in placement games involving teams 1 to 4 in each of the associations.

“It is hard to recreate a feeling he had after sixty games in the flood of the parties, every two days, after having not played for four months. But the truth is that we are all in the same context. There is not one of the teams that arrived in the bubble with ten matches in the legs, ” said Bellemare.

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