Ben Affleck an will have to marry the pregnant bride

Бену Аффлеку придется жениться на беременной невесте

Hollywood actor and his fiancee Lindsay Suckas plan to get married this summer.

Ben Affleck an have to tie the knot with a new woman. Lindsay Shukas and Ben Affleck are about to become husband and wife until the end of summer. It is worth noting that Ben and Lindsey is still not officially severed ties with their former spouses. So they need to finish the divorce before to formalize their relationship. The couple decided to hurry with the wedding, since Lindsay is in an interesting position. So Ben will have to marry his pregnant fiancée. According to insiders, the wedding plan to organize in Hawaii.

Lindsay Suckas for five years does not live with Kevin Miller, but until that time, never divorced. Ben Affleck is also trying to formalize the relationship, he was previously married to Jennifer garner, who gave birth to the actor of three children. The couple broke up three years ago. First they said that the reason was alcohol addiction Ben, it was later revealed that actor just found another and left the family.


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