Ben Affleck returns to Director’s chair

Бен Аффлек возвращается в режиссерское кресло

The action will take place in the 19th century, when European countries fought for the resources of the African continent. The Belgian king Leopold became one of the richest people in the world with billions stashed in secret Bank accounts. Actually received in private property, the state of the Congo, he deployed on its territory, a whole mercenary army to uncontrolled export of rubber and ivory. He forced local people to collect resources. Those who refused were subjected to severe punishment, and many were killed. The book provides calculations, according to which this period in the Congo has killed up to eight million people.

The plot revolves around the heroic Congolese people, who have decided to fight back Leopold and his mercenaries and their allies, among whom were an American missionary and a British journalist. Together they created the first human-rights movement.

Terms of works on the project are not specified yet. One of the producers of the picture will be Martin Scorsese.

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