Ben Affleck took the kids to dinner with his father

Бен Аффлек взял детей на ужин со своим отцом

The actor was spotted on a walk with his family in new York.

Ben Affleck decided to take three children on a traditional dinner with his father Timothy. The journalists managed to shoot a not very happy family in new York when the actor himself, his father, six-year-old son Sam, nine-year-old Seraphim, and 12-year-old violet walked together through the city. Many fans are confused by the beard 45-year-old actor, which makes him look much older than his age, but his appearance this time did not cause any complaints. Note, the paparazzi managed to get a few photos of Affleck with children and father, however, neither one of the members of the family of a famous actor is not smiling, which confused many users.

Note, down the street Ben was surrounded by his offspring, leaving Timothy Affleck far behind. Fans speculated that the photos were taken after a family dinner celebrity did not go according to plan and between father and son there was some kind of conflict for which they were upset and stopped to talk with each other.


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