Benedict XVI complains that it wants the “silence”

Benoît XVI se plaint qu'on veut le «faire taire»

BERLIN | pope emeritus Benedict XVI, known for his traditionalist positions, accuses its critics of wanting to “silence” and takes it to new same-sex marriage, in an authorized biography published Monday in Germany.

Joseph Ratzinger, 93-year-old, says she is the victim of a “deformation malicious of reality” in this book entitled’ Benedict XVI — A life that includes interviews, according to the passages published in the German press and by the news agency DPA.

“The spectacle of the reactions of theology German is so ridiculous and malicious that I’d rather not talk about,” he says.

“I prefer not to analyze the real reasons why one wants to simply silence my voice”, adds that in his country, where the catholic Church is headed up here by the prelates judged reformers, has often been criticized for his positions on islam or subjects of society.

The pope emeritus, according to 2005 to 2013, has been notably blamed for trying to sabotage the modernization efforts of his successor, pope Francis.

In the book, it provides for maintaining, on the contrary, good relations with him. “As you know, my personal friendship with pope Francis is not only remained, it has developed,” he says.

Benedict XVI ended up in February mixed up in a controversy at the Vatican, when his personal secretary, was removed from the entourage of pope Francis.

This gap was the result of the release of the highly controversial book co-signed by the pope emeritus and the cardinal of guinea ultraconservateur Robert Sarah, defending with force the celibacy of priests, the hot topic of the Church.

The book has appeared to some as an interference in the pontificate of pope Francis, and for others as a warning shot from the fringe traditionalist of the Church.

After 48 hours of turmoil, Benedict XVI had requested that his name be removed from the cover of the book, as well as the introduction and conclusion co-signed.

On the bottom, in the biography published on Monday, Benedict XVI reiterated his opposition to gay marriage.

“A hundred years ago, it would have been considered even absurd to talk about same-sex marriage, today, is excommunicated, when it is opposed to it”, accuse-t-il. “It’s the same thing for abortion or the creation of humans in the lab”, he adds.

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