Benny&Co. wants to answer the call to buy products here

Benny&Co. veut répondre à l’appel d’acheter des produits d’ici

It is not only consumers who make war efforts to maximize local procurement. In order to further support the companies and producers from québec and canada, the sign Benny&Co. decided to revise a part of its supply chain.

Within two years, the quebec-based family business wishes to offer only those products produced or grown in the country for Justin Trudeau. Currently, approximately 10% of the merchandise arrives in the United States or Europe.

For example, several vegetables, and soft drinks from our neighbours to the South, and the ribs of Denmark or Germany when they are not available in Quebec.

The 먹튀사이트 assures that the question of prices for certain products should not slow its approach. It says it is ready to pay more if the quality is also at the rendez-vous.

“The goal is to have more products in Quebec,” says Marc-Antoine Benny, director of corporate purchasing. “With the COVID-19, we had to reduce our menu. We have had supply issues with some products coming from outside”, he explains.

The management mentions that they are already in discussions with several local producers, in order to sign agreements to supply long-term.

65 branches

Even the construction of the next food group will be thought to encourage companies here, particularly for the materials.

Also, this is not the pandemic that has undermined the growth plan of the owners. In June, branches have opened in Terrebonne and Mascouche. On Monday, the management has opened a restaurant of $ 1.3 million in Charlesbourg, Quebec. Thirty jobs have been created.

Next September, another setting will open the side of Lévis on the route du President-Kennedy.

“The COVID-19 slowed us down, especially the first month,” says John Benny, chairman and ceo of Benny&Co.

In total, there are three restaurants that will open their doors by the end of the year, bringing to 65 the number of points of service in the chain rotisseries across Quebec and Ontario.

Founded in 1960, the company Benny&Co. account 1800 workers. The majority of dining rooms are now open with a capacity to be reduced to “30% or 40%”, because of sanitary measures.


  • 62 branches
  • 1800 employees
  • 2 million chickens roasts sold per year
  • 36 members of the family Benny are engaged in the business
  • The dishes are composed to 70% of québec products, 20% of canadian-made products and 10% of products from abroad
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