Benz Antoine has projects in English

Benz Antoine enchaîne les projets en anglais

The actor Benz Antoine went on to filming in Montreal, Toronto and the United States. Present in the series “V-Wars”, which is all the rage on Netflix, he also lends his voice to the character of Baptiste in the video game world-popular “Overwatch”.

Benz, you are of the series “V-Wars” on Netflix!

This is my first project published on a platform like Netflix, and I have never experienced such a craze: a real tsunami! The hours following the release of the series, the 5th of December last, I received a ton of messages from people from around the world who watched the series in quick succession. It must be said that “V-Wars” was highly anticipated, as it showcases the excellent Ian Somerhalder, as we could see in the series “Vampire Diaries”.

You have also some nice scenes with him…

I have a great respect for this actor, who manages to make us forget the character of Damon that he has camped for eight seasons, from the first scenes of “V-Wars”! In addition, it is a good gatherer on the shelf.

You camps a character by the name of Big Dog, isn’t it?

Exactly. And the funny thing is that my friends nicknamed Big Dog for years! It is necessary to believe that I was predestined for the role of vampire hunter. (laughter) I’m waiting for a confirmation for the filming of the second season of “V-Wars”. This series is based on a comic book of the same name, and if I look at the “comic book”, my character will be even more present next season.

You ready your voice to a character in the popular video game “Overwatch”!

For my first audition, I sent a little demo recorded with my iPhone! (laughs) My agent and I had no information about this super secret project, in addition to the fact that the production company was looking for an actor able to make an accent of haiti in English. It is only after a long audition process that I learned that he was a new character, that of a first-aider combat named Baptiste, for the popular video game “Overwatch”.

Are you a “gamer”?

Not really! (laughter) But, with the role of the Baptist, I discovered a universe quite fascinating! In addition, it allows me to participate in events ComicCon in different cities, to meet fans of the game “Overwatch”. Up to now, I went to Sacramento, Los Angeles, London, Montreal, and soon Cleveland. I even have a figurine in the likeness of my character: a consecration in the world of video games!

And now, the big question is: when is your return in a production in québec?

You will be able to see me very soon in the film, “Mafia inc.”, directed by Podz, with which I had worked on the police series “19-2”. I camped the lieutenant Brassens, Paul, a character based on an investigator who has ever really existed. I’m also working on writing a series with my friend Jean-Hervé Désiré (author of the film “Black”, editor’s NOTE). Our project is currently in development with Radio-Canada. All of this bodes well for a shoot next fall!

This is good news!

As an actor of haitian descent, I am often asked if the québec television puts enough cultural diversity. The answer is no, but, instead of cry, I prefer to take action by proposing projects that will change the landscape of quebec television.

  • The series “V-Wars” (“war and blood”) is available on Netflix.