Bergevin admits to a “lack of consistency”

Photo: Graham Hughes The canadian Press
The director spoke to the press Sunday evening. “We missed a lot of consistency in our game,” admitted Marc Bergevin.

The director general of the Canadian, Marc Bergevin, explained the failure of the club by a “lack of consistency” during a mid-season, Sunday, but he also recognized that certain experiments made by the management have not been successful.


Before playing their 42nd game of the seasonon Sunday night against the Vancouver Canucks, the Habs lay dying on the 14th of the Association Is, to the eight points of a playoff spot.


“We missed a lot of consistency in our game, acknowledged Bergevin. It was a bad start, we had good times, and then we are back to our bad habits which have cost us games. It is in a difficult situation, but don’t lose hope. “


If the core of the team continues to age, Bergevin has refused to talk about reconstruction. He also recalled the uncertainties surrounding the lottery for the top three picks of the NHL draft, claiming that there are no ” guarantees “.


Bergevin has also refused to comment on rumours surrounding the departure of the captain, Max Pacioretty, who knows a campaign is disappointing. Pacioretty had just two goals in his 23 last games, before Sunday.


“A marker, many times it is a guy feeling. Sometimes, it only takes one or two goals. Max has shown in the past that he was like that, explained Bergevin. It seems that everything that could go wrong, for Max was not. It is human also for a marker that does not mark to cheat a little bit because he wants to score. It’s going to expose other facets of his game. It’s not that he doesn’t want to. He is looking for. This is a guy who works in sequence. He can score six in the next 10 games, and that’s what we want. “


The failure of Pacioretty are part of the problems to the attack of the Habs. The offensive of the Canadian held the 29th of the circuit with of 2.46 goals per game before the matchup against the Canucks.


If Drouin


Among the significant acquisitions of Bergevin during the summer, there’s Jonathan Drouin. Presented as a solution at center for the team, Drouin seems to pull in its transition from the wing to the centre. He had registered only five goals and 13 helpers in his first 36 games in the uniform blue-white-red.


“There was a lot to expect that he has a chemistry with Max, but there isn’t, of chemistry, was recognized Bergevin. It is the fault of a person, but this is the reality. “


“Is it that I have made mistakes ? Yes. Is what I’ve done good things ? Yes. This is the reality of a d. g. [director-general]. We are trying to do more good things than bad. When you do a transaction, you don’t have a crystal ball. It is a risk. But all in all, I’m happy and proud of what we did, and we will continue in the same direction. “


Bergevin has said that, ” in an ideal world “, Drouin would be used on the wing, but the limited options of the team at the centre forced coach Claude Julien to use him at this position.

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