Berlin is afraid that after the termination of gas transit nobody will feed Ukraine — Rahr

Берлин боится, что после прекращения газового транзита некому будет кормить Украину — Рар

© RIA Novosti, Nina zotina Ukraine was able to convince the West in General and Germany in particular, that she desperately needed the income from the transit of Russian gas through its territory, and that it is ostensibly about her own survival as a state. This was told by the German political scientist Alexander Rahr in an interview with
“Like, if flows of Russian gas was no longer coming through Ukraine, the state would have gone bankrupt. The German side is afraid of these consequences, because then who will give money to the Ukrainian state. The loans, which took Kiev, can not be returned”, — said the expert.

Therefore, in Germany, it was decided that we should help the Ukrainian economy, so that she suffered no damage, so we need to leave Ukraine as a transit country for Russian gas to Europe, said Rahr.

Earlier, foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas said that the transit of Russian gas through Ukrainian territory should continue after 2019. The diplomat also said that he wanted to dispel some speculation about the “gas” themes that have arisen in recent years.

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