Bernie Sanders is leaving the race, but continues the fight

Bernie Sanders quitte la course, mais continue le combat

Bernie Sanders is poised to announce what had become inevitable. So much for the good of the party than for his personal reputation, he had to clear the way for Joe Biden.

How to justify to hang on while ahead of Biden is insurmountable and that the country is facing an epidemic? Yesterday, the images of voters in Wisconsin – a State that promotes the containment – exposing themselves to the virus in order to register their votes in person were shocking.

Strangely, the current situation is conducive to some of the ideas put forward by Bernie Sanders. The government gives huge sums to come to the assistance of the population and boost the economy. The shortcomings of the american system and its inequalities have rarely been exposed so glaringly.

If Bernie Sanders has agreed to recognize that the victory could not be considered, I have noted the tone and manner used during his speech. He abandoned the race, but not the fight. Joe Biden, he has merely pointed out that it was someone honest. For the enthusiasm, it will have to wait. Sanders will contribute to the campaign to dethrone Donald Trump, but he wishes to do to its terms.

The senator from Vermont is an old road sometimes stubborn, but he is cunning and will negotiate his or her support until the very last minute. Very few politicians can claim to lead a movement as passionate and well-organized as hers. Today, he listed to his followers the long list of themes that they have contributed to the wear on the front of the stage. Already, Bernie and his movement have pulled the democratic Party on its left, and you will feel their presence for a long time.

Sanders has made the right decision, but it will be strategic in its support of Biden and the party. First of all because the authorities and the strategists have once again made us feel that we didn’t want his candidacy, but also because he knows that we’ll need him to “make out” vote progressive and the youth vote.

Progressives and young people need a little time to mourn a campaign that they supported it without reservation. Sanders respects them and gives them a transition period before putting all his weight into the balance.

I could be wrong in my reading of the remarks of Sanders, but the democrats have to hope that it is as well as will that which is displayed openly as a socialist. If Bernie stays in his corner and simply make act of presence, his stubbornness will reduce the chances of victory for Biden.

The latter will not put extra pressure on the shoulders of Sanders, and he will be patient, but, just as a majority of the members of his training, he wishes to submit to the voters a training united and ready for the difficult battle whose outcome will be known in November.

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