Berry abundance: in Armenia began harvesting cherries

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Daria Nikishina


In Armenia began harvesting cherries. Most of the fruit will be exported to the countries of the Eurasian economic Union. Details – the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Arpi Adamyan.

Here more than one hundred trees of white cherry. Now Grigor German collects early “Dragana”. Berries are large and juicy. The farmer does not use chemical fertilizers, is proud that his crop healthy.

“Last year was 10-20% more crop, but the berries were not marketable. This year both the quantity and quality is justified”, – said the farmer.

Under the weight of the berries branches can break. To avoid this, the yield you need to collect quickly. But only in dry weather. Watering stopped two weeks ago, otherwise the berries will rack up too much moisture and will spoil.

Collecting cherries begin as soon as berry poured the juice, painted in the appropriate grade color, and its peduncle is still lush green. Tear the cherries must be very carefully.

Such an abundant crop in all regions of the country. In some areas due to hail suffered up to 30%. The village of Dvin saved anti-hail installation and the grid.

“No anti-hail stations and nets every year the villagers lost up to 80% of the crop. This year the hail beat a few times, but we have kept the berries and fruits”, – said Artsrun Abrahamyan, head of the rural community of Dvin.

This year Armenia has already gathered nearly three thousand tons of cherries. And this is only the beginning, promise the farmers. And remind you that soon will begin to ripen late varieties.