Berry season in Armenia: mulberry gather families

PHOTO : Wikipedia / GennadyL

Supergod. Season, mulberry in Armenia. To harvest out families. It requires a special skill – because the berry’s delicate, not stored more than two days. The correspondent of “MIR 24” Nona Hovhannisyan participated in the gathering.

Dark purple and white bumpy in the middle of June in Armenia, the mulberry trees are covered with sweet berries. Mulberry tree – survivor. The age of many reaches three hundred years. Those in the family plot planted grandfather of Yeganyans.

“To gather berries, mulberries, need at least five people. Four on the bottom hold the canvas, but the one in our family is me, climbing the tree and shaking them,” – said the resident of Ashtarak Sedrak Yeganyan.

The leaf fall only ripe berries. The rest will gather in a few days. This garden is about ten mulberry trees. In season, harvested about a ton of the crop.

Mulberry fruit is very tender and the touch of easy to wrinkle. Mulberry in Armenia eaten fresh and make a healing syrup syrup. However, the use of cooking the berries in white only.

First you need to boil here on the fire to berries gave the juice. Doing it on the fire to flavor the syrup was brighter. In this copper cauldron about thirty pounds of berries. Of them will get three quarts of syrup.

“We add to the berries a little water to avoid sticking to the bottom, and cook for half an hour. Sugar is not needed, because mulberry itself is very sweet,” said a resident of the city of Ashtarak Anna Chanchapanyan.

Obtained after the primary cooking, the mass shift in the bag and squeeze the juice out of it. Fire hold still for about six hours.

“Syrup used as syrup-seasoning for different dishes. For example, in our family love to mix yogurt and syrup – it is a kind of yogurt,” – said a resident of the city of Ashtarak Nelly Chanchapanyan.

Mulberry syrup nutritional: one hundred grams of the product is about 260 calories. It is valued for the vitamins B, C, E, in addition, there are trace elements – calcium, sodium, magnesium and phosphorus. And it’s a great alternative to sugar and chemical sweeteners.