Bertille Bayart: “2021, France is enraged”

    Bertille Bayart: “2021, France is enraged”

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    CHRONICLE – It is against the State and against the State alone that France is enraged.

    Everything is ruined. Everything that the year 2021 held in hope – gradual exit from the health crisis, at least partial return to our former lives, economic rebound – has already dissipated. The enthusiasm born of the promises of the vaccine against the Covid, an unexpected result in these times of genius and perseverance, has given way to dismay at the false start of the vaccination campaign.

    We are enraged. Before our eyes, the state apparatus is demonstrating its impotence. Ten days after the delivery of the first doses, our health system injects them in a dropper. In ten days, he has already transformed a logistics route into a gas factory. Embolized by paperwork, paralyzed by the risk of prosecution, paralyzed by procedures, our administration is making a fool of itself. The bankruptcy of the executive is obvious.

    This chronicle could end there, its duty of bludgeoning public imperity accomplished, modest contribution to the angry outburst of recent days. The fiasco

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    Bertille Bayart: “2021, France is enraged”

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