Bertrand Cantat is it re-emerged as a singer as the other?

Bertrand Cantat in concert at the Eurockéennes of Belfort, in July 2012. — POL EMILE/SIPA

  • Bertrand Cantat released a new album soon.
  • In 2013, he had made a first return to music with an album and a tour to success.
  • His fans seem to want to forget the murder of Marie Trintignant by Bertrand Cantat in 2003.

It could not have escaped to anyone that Bertrand Cantat is going to release a new album, the first under his own name. The singer has already unveiled a new song, England, on the Brexit, and also gave
an interview with the Inrockuptibles , which has made his A.

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Former leader of Black Desire, Bertrand Cantat had made his return to music in 2013, after having served a sentence of four years in prison for ” manslaughter “. This year, the one who had been sentenced to eight year sentence for killing actress Marie Trintignant (2003, Vilnius) was his come-back with Detroit, the new band formed with bassist Pascal Humbert. This time under his name alone that it is (yet).

Bertrand Cantat back with Detroit

Some may certainly think that this return to the front of the scene raises moral questions ” (a man who killed a woman with his fists, should he seek the light after his release from prison ?) or aesthetic (England has absolutely no interest). But beyond these issues, it appears especially reasonable to ask if there are still fans of Bertrand Cantat.

In 2014, in any case, there was still a lot. During his concert, with Strait, to the Eurockéennes of Belfort, the return of Cantat on stage had attracted a crowd of fans, well come to the ex-leader of Black Desire. The entire tour of Detroit had previously played to sold-out. The album Horizons was very well sold.

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“See to the injured animal”

Aymeric, 32 years old in 2014, had taken his band of buddies at the Vieilles Charrues to see the man led Detroit : “The disk I was moderately pleased. The albums of Black Desire, already, I found it too dark, not enough rock. But I know that on stage, Cantat, it is a crazy energy, a presence that is magnetic. I wanted to see if he still had it. And he had one. “

The commercial insurance swear, hand on heart, that his approach was devoid of voyeurism : “On the forums of the festival, there were plenty of guys who wanted to see the wounded animal. They hoped that this is a bit of a wreck. To me, there is only the music that interested me. His private life don’t look at me, she looks at the justice. “

A show is indecent to Clermont-Ferrand

The Friday, April 11, 2014, in Clermont-Ferrand, the morbid curiosity seemed to be there palpable then that Bertrand Cantat is preparing to givehis first concert since the death of Marie Trintignant. Muriel Marco, film programmer for festivals in eastern Europe, remembers : “a lot of my customers were clamoring for Detroit for the wrong reasons, for the publicity surrounding the case Cantat. I wanted to see what it was from a musical point of view. But even I, as a professional, I have not been able to make me an opinion. The crowd was the spectacle of the suffering unworthy of an assassin. I left before the end. His audience was galvanized. “

Today, the followers most followers of Bertrand Cantat, those who recite with joy his new title on Instagram, do not see what you are talking about when questioned. “No, but it’s going to, it is in the past the case of Trintignant, it’s just a musician like the others,” stated Jules, a 20-year-old, widely applauded by other young fans.

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All in all, these lovers of the texts of Cantat, who had not the age to look at the JT at the time of ” the case of Vilnius “, are on the whole convinced that ” today it is an artist like the others “.

“If he becomes a singer who is analyzing the company, I’ll listen”

And among the music lovers who have owned a platinum CD (or even vinyl), the discovery of England, has been a delight. “It is a social theme and political, it is on this ground that Cantat is the strongest, ensures Julien, a fan of the first hour. His album with Detroit, I haven’t listened to it, I still had in mind the images of his trial… But then, if he becomes a singer who is analyzing the company, I’ll listen. “

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They are many of wanting to “turn the page” and look for “the great author” Cantat. “I find it indecent that he write down on his moods,” explains Dorian. What he has supposedly endured in prison, it does not interest me. Me, I want a song on Macron, a song about Daesh, the songs on the Twenty-first century… “These fans feel “orphans” of the true Bertrand Cantat since 2003, forgetting that only one person diedthat day in Vilnius.