Bertrand Godin wants to continue the work of Jean Pagé

Bertrand Godin wants to continue the work of Jean Pagé

Having himself feared having developed cancer a few months after losing his great friend Jean Pagé to the disease, pilot Bertrand Godin recently accepted the role of official spokesperson for the PROCURE foundation.

Godin will join in this role Isabelle Pagé and Winston McQuade at Procure, which fights against prostate cancer. Jean Pagé himself sponsored the organization's Walk of Courage, which was renamed in honor of the former host and sports journalist.

“I am honored and moved, since it's a little bit as if I was still accompanying my friend Jean Pagé as we did when we were commenting on races at TVA Sports,” commented Godin, nostalgic. It is a privilege to be able to continue John's work, with the way he has helped people all his life. ”


Godin revealed that he was scared recently while doing a blood test. The level of prostate specific antigens (PSA) was a little high, a result that always sets the alarm bells ringing about possible cancer. But luckily for the 52-year-old man, he does not suffer from the disease.

“Just with the angst I had at that point, I got a feel for how people can feel when they unfortunately have positive diagnoses,” Godin said.

“That's why it takes people like those at PROCURE to tell you that it's going better than it was going,” he hammered. 25 years ago, we were far from today's statistics. It is now a cancer that heals quite well when it is treated early enough. ”

Thus, Godin thought about ways to increase his contribution to the fight against this disease. He therefore set up La Course du Courage Bertrand Godin, a new initiative that will allow him to donate part of his racing earnings to the cause, but also to use his contacts in motorsport to attract new ones. donations.

Alex Labbé involved

Quebecer Alex Labbé was one of the first to join the project by offering Les Séries du Courage Alex Labbé, the details of which will be announced shortly. The family of the NASCAR Xfinity Series driver has indeed already been affected by the disease.

Godin wants not only the pilots, but also the mechanics, promoters and other players in the sport to contribute. Projects are also in preparation and should materialize soon. The man from Saint-Hyacinthe, winner of an F1600 event held during the Trois-Rivières Grand Prix last year, spoke in particular about remote-controlled car racing and virtual races.

“Every person in the world of motorsport will get involved,” he said. Alex was the first and I am very proud that a pilot of his caliber joined the project. It's only a beginning.”

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