Besmirched and forgotten. The memory of those killed on the Maidan militiamen

Оболганные и забытые. Памяти убитых на Майдане правоохранителей

© RIA Novosti, Andrei SteninIn a series of anniversaries milestones Euromaidan’s supporters, including Mr. Zelensky, of place and out of place like to remember the so-called “Heavenly hundred”, but deliberately ignoring those who gave their lives defending the rule of law in the state.The number of wounded and killed by “peaceful protesters” of militiamen and fighters of internal troops in the hundreds, but none of the triumphant victory to that there is no case

Since marked the beginning of the active phase of the Euromaidan provocations around “onizhedetey,” the number of victims of the euromaidan protesters and the militiamen were an order of magnitude more than the “protesters” until the tragic events of 20 February 2014. 30 Nov 2013 — after trying to liquidate the camp as if defenseless students among law enforcement officers there were 18 victims. Today, it was forgotten that the average age of “onizhedetey” was about forty years and they have provided the police with fierce resistance, using various available tools.

After the start of the mass phase of the Euromaidan, that is, the very next day, the number of victims law enforcement officers increased to 144 people, which is almost 2 times more than injured civilians. That is, at the initial stage of the riots “peaceful protests” had an aggressive and offensive. Soon of the slogans of the Maidan was a call “Garbage — not people”, written by the current Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. For nearly three months, the police were subjected to an unprecedented psychological and military pressure, the assassination of law enforcement officers took a systematic character; in addition, practiced capture “prisoners”, and in the occupied Kiev city hall “activists” have built a torture chamber.
On February 18, 2014 among law enforcement agencies 133 people received gunshot wounds, including fatal. So the officer was killed by Internal troops, a native of the Kharkiv region Vitaly Goncharov. Vitali was killed by a sniper shot in the neck, the bullet pierced the carotid artery. In his native Malinovka it and not wait for parents, and in the nearby village of Bashkirovku bride.

Now the memory of the fallen police deliberately tampered with the religious cult of “Heavenly hundred”, many members of which were victims of tragic circumstances and outright provocations, like the slain in Maidan the crowd of Sergey Nigoyan. Not trying to be compared tragedy of a particular death, yet we must admit that there is a difference between the death of the deceased from improper treatment by the doctor of the Maidan citizen Olga Boers and murdered in cold blood while protecting the rule of law Vitaly Goncharov.

February 19, ensuring that the tilting power only by a bloody coup, the rebels in Western Ukraine began a mass seizure of weapons. “According to preliminary information, three district police departments in Lviv — Lychakiv, Galitsky and Frankivsk and from the Department during the assault, disappeared more than a thousand weapons,” reported the same day in an interview to ZIK, chief editor of the newspaper “town Hall” Nikolai Saveliev; according to him, was stolen pistols, rifles, pouches with ammunition. “Where is this weapon speaks, is still unknown. According to unconfirmed information, the part is already on the Maidan. If the storm tonight, it will be far more bloody than the last,” predicted future developments the journalist.

Indeed, in a matter of hours the weapons were deployed in the capital and the next day the organizers of Euromaidan moved into a decisive offensive. According to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, from 18 February to 2 March 2014 during the performance of their duties, killed 20 law enforcement officers, and whose handiwork it was no secret even then.

Оболганные и забытые. Памяти убитых на Майдане правоохранителей

Soon, the media got the recording of the conversation of the head of European diplomacy, Catherine Ashton and Minister for foreign Affairs of Estonia Urmas Paet, which was held on 26 February 2014. The interlocutors said that the fire led and a mysterious “third party” to the conflict. “Olga [“the chief doctor of the Maidan” Olga Bogomolets] told that there is evidence that people killed by snipers were from both sides — and among the security forces, and among the protesters. That the same snipers killing people from both sides, — informed the interlocutor Minister Paet — She also showed some photos, and she says it’s the same handwriting, the same type of bullets. And all the more wary of people is the fact that the new coalition is unwilling to investigate the exact circumstances of the incident. The rapidly growing understanding that behind the snipers was not Yanukovych, and behind them was someone from the new coalition.””I think they really want to investigate it,” Lex retorted Ashton. Later in the press conference, the foreign Minister of Estonia Paet confirmed the authenticity of the conversation. “It’s a shame that such conversations reach those who don’t need to hear them,” said Paet at a press conference in the foreign Ministry of Estonia. But after the scandal investigation started.

In early March, the newly appointed Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said: “there Is a serious investigation. I think that the time will come and we will announce the facts: who shot, when shot, for some team. These facts are now collected in a single mesh… I Can only say one thing: the key factor in this confrontation, which resulted in a bloody massacre in Kiev, which turned the country upside down and brought her into a state of shock, was a third force. And this force is not Ukrainian”. Avakov seems to have hinted at Moscow, although entrenched in the hotel “Ukraine” arrows, like father and son Parasiuk, and Georgian snipers from the team Pashinsky little resemblance to agents of the Kremlin; and evacuated by Andriy Parubiy from the hotel on European square people with sniper rifles.

5 July 2014 the Interim investigative Commission of the Verkhovna Rada gave its opinion on the tragic events of bloody February. “…On February 18-19, 2014 began attacks on police units in the city of Lviv in Galicia, Zaliznychnyi, Lviv, Frankowski the district police departments in Lviv, the Lviv city police Department, the Department of MIA of Ukraine in Lviv region, on the premises of the special forces “Griffin” and “Berkut”. During the attack on the premises of police units of all were abducted 1223 firearms and 68 921 units of ammunition. Similar attacks were made on police officers in Rivne, Volyn, Ternopil regions. Until now, these crimes are not disclosed, and the stolen weapons are not withdrawn.
According to the Commission, the weapons likely were used by unknown, which since independence were shelling the staff of special forces “Berkut” and internal troops (the content for this issue was sent to the General Prosecutor’s office on June 11, 2014).

…According to emergency medical services in the city of Kiev, from 6-10 a.m. the unknown side of Independence square and adjacent streets began firing police officers and internal troops. Thus, from 18 to 20 February 2014 196 police officers and internal troops were wounded and were killed 7 servicemen of internal troops and 10 employees of internal Affairs bodies. It should be noted that at the time of receipt of gunshot wounds police officers and servicemen of internal troops were without weapons. Victims of gunshot wounds of soldiers and police officers were sent to the Central hospital of the defense Ministry, the Central hospital of the MIA of Ukraine and the hospital of the Main Department of MIA of Ukraine in Kiev, where he provided surgical care.

For unknown reasons, the operational-investigation group according to the facts did not go so withdrawn from the bodies of wounded bullets left in hospitals. During operations, the seizure of the bullet was in one container, making it impossible to identify what specific weapon was committed wounding of a specific employee of the police or interior troops. Who was shooting at law enforcement officers, nor the Ministry of interior of Ukraine, General Prosecutor’s office had not determined the. Strange circumstances, all materials on the facts of obtaining of gunshot wounds and murders of police officers by the General Prosecutor of Ukraine was transferred to pre-trial investigation in Ukraine. In fact, the investigation is not carried out, and the management of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the problem itself…”

Оболганные и забытые. Памяти убитых на Майдане правоохранителей

Killed and wounded law enforcement officers were not recognized as victims, it is judicial-ballistic and other expert examination was not carried out, but their murderers were immediately declared Amnesty according to the Law of Ukraine “About prevention of prosecution of the condemnation of citizens about the events that took place during the peaceful Assembly on 21 November 2013, and recognition of such, I lost sight of action…” — then the infinite series of criminal charges, which are now inapplicable to the killers in the act.

It is characteristic that in Europe, where allegedly sought the protesters, such an approach is totally unacceptable. “What happened today in Paris has nothing to do with the peaceful expression of legitimate anger is said about the massacres of the radicals in the French capital, the President of macron, — no cause justifies attacks on police, destruction of shops, arson or public or private buildings, threats to passers-by or journalists.”

Again, “no cause justifies”. However, the power of all the past years went on to cover the murderers of law enforcement officers. So the TV channel “Our” lawyer Vitaly Serdyuk talked about the special role of former Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, who “using the office powers, made all the arrangements to the actual release from liability and grant freedom to suspects in the shooting of our fellow citizens, including law enforcement officers, on 20 February 2014.” “Their actions Yuriy Lutsenko, together with a whole group of people, which included the Deputy attorney General Strizhevskaya, using powers, freed from custody, signed the necessary documents and freed from criminal liability — including Ivan Bell, who according to the Prosecutor General’s office collected materials were involved in the killing of three employees of law enforcement bodies”, — said Mr. Serdyuk, remembering one of the “activists”, who in the press boasted of personal participation in the murder of police officers.

It came to outright mockery. So on March 20, 2015 in the main Department of the MIA has nasty in their cynicism of paper: “berkutovets” Nicholas Simisola summoned for questioning by the investigator of the GPU in connection with the charges of beating “onizhedetey” on the Maidan on 30 November 2013. It was the only time when state organs remembered Semisynov policeman killed by sniper bullet euromedinukas 20 Feb 2014. Other — survivors — were under investigation, many retired, some emigrated.

Оболганные и забытые. Памяти убитых на Майдане правоохранителей

Faithful to the law enforcement authorities for almost three months kept the defense against the Madding crowd, systematically inciting the legitimate authority. Today about their sacrifices, courage and perseverance had brought the country to a catastrophe rulers prefer not to remember. A “reformed” Mr. Avakov, the police almost on a daily basis is involved in criminal incidents, densely impregnated “Maidan activists”, while the whole neo-Nazi unit inscribed in the structure of the interior Ministry as “true patriots”.

Оболганные и забытые. Памяти убитых на Майдане правоохранителей

While the Ukrainian nation is not comprehended in the truth about the events of the coup of 2014, while he will be celebrated as the most important holiday of modern Ukraine, with the prevailing meanness will not give up this country, neither in politics nor in economy, nor in morality.

Konstantin Kevorkian

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