Best new Pasewalk on the Old New Year

Povuci, it is necessary to throw home owners a grain – it symbolizes a good harvest.

Кращі нові посівалки на Старий Новий Рік

The night before the Old New year Ukrainians go to visit and sing carols, and on the morning of January 14 – posevayut (sow). This ancient rite, the purpose of which is the greeting of the hosts and wishes them a rich harvest, informs Rus.Media.

Traditionally posevat men have – both children and adults.


I sow seeds generously,

I wish you joy, hope,

Peace, happiness and love

All were healthy!

To prosperity good had

The TV does not spit,

And chose the President

Kind, intellectual,

Not a thief,

Or, as it happens, scrounger!

And who will care

Ukraine to raise!

Shoyu-blowing! Shoyu-blowing!

Have I hope!

What do you have there, let’s

Yes, and I already let go!


Shoyu-blowing! Shoyu-blowing!

I grain you will not regret!

See, what’s good?

So give more money!

Well, I tell you nabigay

This harvest

And in the pockets, and in the beds,

And rozumienia descendants!

Already palm free have

So thanks, I accept!


Shoyu-blowing to all of you here!

I’m a serious patriot!

Immediately warn you –

Dollars don’t.

Hryvnia slightly better give

And good health keep!


Generously sow generously eyelash,

A grain salt do not know how!

And you will not regret

More money to prepare!

I wish all of you health,

Joy, happiness in the house will call!


Let sown and born!

Health is there as usual!

Yes, and joy, desire!

The seeds are generously scattered!

All peace, harmony, goodness!

We want money because it’s time!