Bet on a sporting match in progress is now possible

Miser sur un match sportif en cours est maintenant possible

MONTREAL – fans of sports betting can now bet on their favorite sports team, even to meetings already in progress.

This is what was stated on Tuesday, Loto-Québec, which has enhanced the supply of its product Mise-o-jeu online to enhance the experience of players of sports betting traditional on the internet.

Thus, as long as the referee has not whistled the end of a match as those of the Montreal Impact or Canadian, it will be possible to try his luck. It was impossible to make such a bet before since it was absolutely essential that the party was not started.

“The majority of the questions will be similar to what is already offered by Mise-o-jeu”, a-t-on, however, specified the side of the corporation. It will be so no bets fast or unusual, as is the case in Europe in particular. “The punters will always have to choose a minimum of two bets, or bets to two contingencies”, a-t-you know.

The option will be available online on for almost all sports, including soccer, but also baseball, basketball, football, sport and electronics, and hockey.

The punters will get wet giving the winner of the match, the total number of goals (or points) in the game, or the team that will make the most of throws at the goal, among others. It is also clarified that the ratings will evolve as the games will be played, and according to their conduct.

Loto-Québec insists that it is not a question of betting on which player will score the next goal, for example, or which player will be the next punishment.

“Before the match, the victory of the Montreal face-to-Boston is listed at 1.50, compared to 2.20 for the win of Boston. After 10 minutes of play, Boston scored 2 goals. His odds for winning go down to 1.50, while that of Montreal amounted to 2.20. At this time, a player could choose to bet $ 10 on the victory of Montreal. If Montreal prevails, it would benefit 22 $ (instead of 15 $ if he had a bet before the start of the match).”

Moreover, Loto-Québec has also announced the availability of “cashing out early”, an option that allows bettors to secure a portion of his winnings or recover a portion of the bet. Again, this offer is only available online.

Thus, if a player bets on two matches, a victory of the team, a day, and a win for team B, the next day. If he was successful the bet of the first game, it will be possible in certain circumstances to change its game in order to minimize its risk for the second part.

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