Better to remain silent: the TOP 7 female phrases that urgently need to forget

Лучше промолчать: ТОП-7 женских фраз, которые срочно нужно забыть

That the relationship was harmony and understanding, it is important to watch what you say to each other. Women are often more emotional, so often can throw a man impulsive phrases that can catch. Earlier we found out some mistakes different signs of the zodiac. And now a psychologist Yaroslav Samoylov advises the beautiful half of humanity to eliminate from your everyday life seven phrases that can ruin any relationship with a man.
In Instagram, he wrote the most popular women’s phrase that should replace or exclude items.

1. “I had so / You have to…”

According to Samoilov, so says the woman “inner teacher” that always knows how and it is not necessary to live. Of course, she thinks that she is just a caring and concerned for the man’s life, but it should be understood that in normal men, it causes aggression, says the psychologist and adds that weak men are the best kind of woman, as it is possible to shift the responsibility.

2. “No, well, that’s understandable”

When a woman says this phrase, it devalues everything the man said. Jaroslav says that the man feels that his opinion is not valuable, then he considers himself not valuable in the relationship with this woman.

3. “Okay”

If a woman utters this phrase, but still with a gasp, the man perceives it so that it does not meet the expectations of women, says Samoilov. And it may not like any man.

4. “I agree”

This phrase, a woman can provoke a conflict on level ground, she says. After all, if a woman has an opinion is good, but it devalues the point of view of your men.

5. “Decent men do not behave”

Rude phrase, which can upset and piss off your man. Well, think about what you are together, and that means you are all arranged before. Or you just agreed on an unworthy man?

6. “But Andrew earns a lot, and you’re on your work some penny only bring”

Often, these phrase women use when a man’s behavior they consider unworthy. But all these comparisons is manipulation, says Samoilov.

“Have some cluster of decent men, and he is not one of them this behavior, and it should motivate him to be better. To fall into the category of “best” to deserve the favor of my lady,” – says Yaroslav.

7. “I won’t keep you”

If a man tells a woman that she’s a distraction from some important cases, the woman thus shows his low self-esteem. And men pay attention to confident women. Note.

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