Between 7 and 9 years in prison required against Roger Stone, a regular Trump

Entre 7 et 9 ans de prison requis contre Roger Stone, fidèle de Trump

Prosecutors have requested on Monday between 7 and 9 years of jail against Roger Stone, former advisor to long-time Donald Trump found guilty in November to lying to Congress in the framework of the investigation on the interference in Russian in the american presidential elections of 2016.

This political consultant high color 67-year-old will know his sentence on February 20.

He was found guilty of lying to Congress about his contacts with the organization WikiLeaks about emails democrats hacked during the presidential election of 2016.

Recommendations just sent to a federal judge Monday, prosecutors were required between 87 and 108 months in prison.

“Roger Stone has obstructed the Congressional investigation on the interference of the Russian 2016, has lied under oath and was subject to witnesses. And when his crimes were revealed by these indictments in this case, he has displayed contempt for this court and the rule of law. For that, he must be punished, ” they wrote.

This is true of the american president is among the six members of the entourage, more or less close, of Donald Trump to have been charged or convicted in the wake of the investigation of Russian conduct by the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, who has poisoned the first half of the mandate of the billionaire republican.

In the spring of 2019, Robert Mueller has released a report of about 450 pages, exempting Mr. Trump suspicions of collusion with Moscow. But he stated that he was unable to exonerate him of the suspicion of obstructing justice.

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